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Photo at the Selfie Location outside the Phuket Aquarium, overlooking the Andaman Sea on the island of Phuket Thailand. With the @PhuketAquarium sign, for Facebook Tagging

As we looked for activities to do during our stay in Thailand. Upon scouring the internet for things to do on the island, we settled on paying the Phuket Aquarium a visit, but first we needed a car to get there.

After arriving in Thailand through the Phuket Sandbox Program we had to be careful about how we got around, and make sure anything we booked was SHA + for the Sandbox Program.

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Ready To Drive On The Wrong Side of The Road!

An example of a typical Toyota Commuter style Phuket Taxi Van, which we rode in more then once during our stay

With a quick Google Search of the area. We found a local Phuket Island Taxi that was SHA + as required. He was also willing to pick us up from our resort, and take us back to the airport to pick up our own rental car.

The Phuket Taxi service we used had a simple, and user friendly website for booking a ride. Within minutes of booking with the taxi service known as “Taxi Phuket”.

A representative of the Taxi company had reached out to us through WhatsApp, and within 3 minutes. We had a taxi on its way, and all we had to do was wait.

Our Chariot Awaits

Meet our Toyota Corolla with the steering wheel on the U.S. passenger side (Photo Left). Did I mention the steering wheel was on the wrong side? Because it was, which would continue to amuse my partner…

For about ฿500 Thai Baht, or about $15 US Dollars we were on our way to the airport. Our Taxi Driver was even nice enough to communicate with the airport security for us. Letting them know we weren’t there to catch a plane, but instead rent a car.

Once we located the rental car terminal, as I hadn’t booked one in advance… (Actually I did, but I had to end up canceling the first rent a car on the first day due to Sandbox Program rules requiring us to be escorted from the Covid testing site, to our Resort)

More then once, I would get in on the wrong side of the car during our stay in Thailand and attempt to drive as if I were back home, only to realize I was on the wrong side of the car, and had to walk around 🤣… Yes we had masks on inside the car, because that was the law during the Sandbox Program in Thailand

As I hadn’t booked a second rental car in advance, especially after searching online and discovering all of them said they were sold out. I took a chance that there would still be a car available at the airport.

The chance I had taken paid off, because once we entered the rental car terminal Sixt Rent A Car had a sign up saying cars available! Just like that, we had our own ride.

The view of our 1.6 Liter Toyota Corolla from the back… with current gas prices, I wish I had this car back!

A Rainy Day In Thailand

It was getting late after we picked up our rental car, and starting to rain. We decided to run some errands, and make a trip to the store to pick up supplies. Then head out for the Aquarium first thing the next morning.

As I drove around Phuket Island in the rain, and saw the Tsunami Zone Warning signs along the road, like this one (Blue Bar, photo bottom left). I was reminded of the sad, and disastrous day on December 26th, 2004 when the 9.1 Indian Ocean Earthquake sent a series of Tsunami waves across Phuket, and Thailand. Killing around 6000 people total in Thailand. This same Tsunami sent waves which reached up to 100 feet high in places, killing over 220,000 people total across several countries.

We made it back to our resort “The Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa” close to around 4p.m that evening. Therefore we decided to relax at the room for awhile before dinner.

We most certainly didn’t relax as much as these 5 little birds that kept us entertained outside our Villa as they bathed in the plunge pool

Pinky’s Up, and Fine Dining

With reservations made for the 5 star restaurant called the Takieng which had amazing food, and even more amazing views. It was located on the second floor of the building, with a balcony overlooking the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea. To view their Menu Click Here.

My beautiful partner, was dressed to impress! 😍
Me on the other hand… well at least I was dressed 🤣

When I tell you this place knew how to prepare a meal, I mean it. We had to end our vacation early whiles we could still fit in the airplane seats.

After sleeping off such a big meal, we done the only logical thing that made sense. Which was getting up bright and early 6:30a.m in the morning, so we could eat again before we hit the road to the Phuket Aquarium.

Did I mention they spoiled us at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa? Because they did! Breakfast was always A1 everyday of our stay, and that Guava Juice, yeah it was amazing

Next Stop, The Aquarium!

After setting off on the road across the beautiful island of Phuket, you never knew what you might see. Like the pickup truck we saw with a bed full of live monkeys, just chilling in the back.

We were able to see some of the ornate Buddhist Shrines, or City Pillar Shrines located across the island.

One of the many ornately built shrines we saw during our trip across Phuket. The New City Pillar Shrine located in Thep Krasatti, in the Thalang District. Taken from the window of our rental car as we passed by

Once we arrived at the Phuket Aquarium, we realized just how beautiful the setting was before we had even entered. Located on a peninsula jutting into the Andaman Sea, the parking lot was lined with turquoise blue waters.

Front (Top), and back (Bottom) photo of our Admission Ticket to the Phuket Aquarium. To Plan your very own Visit to the Phuket Aquarium Click Here …. For Directions to the Phuket Aquarium Click Here

The day we arrived at the aquarium, it was rainy, but the beauty of the sea, was evident even on the most gloomy of day.

The view of the Andaman Sea from the parking lot of the Phuket Aquarium. Complete with traditional Thai Long Tail Boats bobbing on the waves

Upon entering the aquarium, we discovered that they had the Aquarium divided up into sections by location, from wherever the fish variety was found from around the world.

Fish of the Amazon

These are Tambaqui, also known as Black Pacu, or Gamitana fish. Which can reach around 4’ feet in length, and weigh up to 100 pounds. They are one of the heaviest fish species in the Amazon. They are plant, and seed eaters, and their teeth are especially adapted for chomping into, and crushing hard plant seeds
The Silver Arowana, another South American freshwater fish. Also known as the Dragon Fish due to their large shiny scales, it’s also known as the Monkey Fish. Due to its ability to leap from the water to capture prey. It’s been known to eat a variety of bird species, and bats
The Kissing Prochilodus, also known as the Jaraqui, or Flagtail is another Amazonian fish species. They are known for their leaping ability as they swim upstream into strong rapidly moving, often whitewaters for spawning. In a similar fashion to Salmon
These are Oscar Astronotus Ocellatus, known as Oscar Fish for short. They are also known as Velvet Cichlid, and Tiger Oscar. These particular fish are also highly coveted among aquarium enthusiasts. They are another Amazonian fish, although they have been introduced to areas across Asia, and Australia

Saltwater Fish

My partner posing with a tank full of Pennant Coral Fish, also known as the Longfin Bannerfish. The smaller black and white striped fish are known as Sergeant Major Fish, or Pintano Damselfish. They are all species of tropical coral dwelling fish
Pterois – Lion Fish, also known as Turkey fish, and Fire Fish due to their venomous spines, which can injure, cause serious pain, or kill humans. They are a known invasive species in many parts of the world
The Barracuda who’s toothy reputation precedes them, known for their ferocious motion triggered attacks. They have large eyes to take in more light, and allow them to see the smallest movements to attack viciously, and with great speed
Marine Angelfish – there are over 80 different species of Angelfish. They are known to nibble on rock, and coral. They are closely related to Butterfly Fish
Of course no trip to the aquarium would be complete, without the fish known around the world as Finding Nemo. A tank full of Clownfish, also known as Anemonefish for their love of living in close unison with Sea Anemones
A Marine hermit crab, not to be mixed up with their land dwelling cousins. Marine Hermit crabs spend most of their life underwater
The Master of Disguise, a Stonefish. The stonefish is an ambush predator. Like the Lion Fish. It’s highly venomous, with a row of poisonous spines on its back. It can be fatal to humans if accidentally stepped on

Sharks And Whatnot!

A tank full of Blacktip Reef Sharks
Video of the Blacktip Reef Sharks staying in constant motion as they patrol their tank

The Phuket Aquarium also has an Aquarium Tunnel, which you can walk through. Walking through this tunnel gives you the feeling of being underwater with the fish as you observe them.

Video as we walked through the Phuket Aquarium Tunnel, watching the Stingray as it swam by us

The End To A Wonderful Day

After spending the day, driving back, and forth across the island. Which was over a 1 hour drive each way from our resort. We were ready to kick back and relax.

We decided to have dinner at our favorite restaurant at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa called the Sandbox.

I decided I’d have a delicious night time Mocha on the beach at the Sandbox Restaurant, as we waited on our dinner to be prepared… It’s never to late for Coffee 🤣
After Spending the day exploring our way across the island of Phuket, and touring the Phuket Aquarium. We figured it would only be fitting to end our night with a little Surf & Turf for dinner on the beach

The Roving Gypsy®

A selfie of my partner, and I as we put the beautiful backdrop outside the Phuket Aquarium to use!

Thanks for reading my Travel Blog, I hope you enjoyed our day at the Phuket Aquarium as much as we did. Like what you read, and want more, or have a suggestion for me? Follow, Share, and Comment to let me know.

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