Relaxing in Thailand. Review of the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

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The Main Swimming Pool along the beach at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

After arriving to the resort, and getting checked in. We were took to our room by Golf Cart. Still awaiting the results of our arrival Covid Tests in Thailand. We had to wait a few hours in our Villa until the results were in.

Laying eyes on our Seaside Villa for the first time, was even more exciting in person then looking at the hundreds of photos I had previously viewed online.

Video Tour of the inside of our Luxury Seaside Villa in Phuket Thailand

It was around 8p.m local time in Phuket Thailand. When we arrived at our Villa at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa By Marriott located on the beautiful Andaman Sea.

Knowing that we wouldn’t get our Covid Test results back before the nearby restaurants closed for the night. We ordered room service right away after getting settled in.

Dinner is served! We kept our orders pretty simple the first night. Ordering one Bacon Cheeseburger with fries (left), & one Crispy Fish Sandwich with Fries (right)

The Crispy Fish Sandwich turned out to be so good, it wouldn’t be the last time I ordered it this trip! It was so hot, moist, and flaky. The fish just melted in your mouth.

Once we settled in for the night after dinner. We kicked back, and relaxed the rest of the night until our test results finally came in. Which we would end up receiving around 2:15a.m in the morning, they were both Negative.


After arriving at night the previous day, the next morning we were up bright and early, to eagerly explore our abode in the daylight.

Video of the private garden, & pool surrounding our Villa within our privacy fence, from the backyard

The resort had a Grounds Crew that cared for each Villas private garden, and Plunge Pool on a regular basis. Each Villa included it’s own rear gate, which granted access to the beach.

Video of the Motorized Gate, which granted direct access to the beach from the Villa at the push of a button
Photo of me taking a moment to style & profile in my “The Roving Gypsy” Tee Shirt

After a quick tour around our Villa, we visited the jaw dropping Main Resort Pool located just outside one of the resorts restaurant eating areas.

Looking across the Main Pool, towards the Takieng restaurant outdoor dining area on the 2nd floor

Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for… We headed down to the shores of the stunning Mai Khao Beach for the very first time. It was every bit as beautiful as promised.

Our first walk along the shores of the Andaman Sea, from Mai Khao Beach

After all the walking around, we were ready for breakfast. Being the coffee lover that I am. I was ready to get some of that Thai coffee and see what it was all about.

We decided to walk to breakfast, instead of call the Golf Cart pickup to our Villa. The walk across the Renaissance Resort is quite scenic. We even got to do a little bird watching along the way.

A Eurasian Hoopoe on the prowl for Breakfast

The Resort grounds crew, did an amazing job keeping the landscape in A1 condition. The Lagoon at the Renaissance was a welcomed surprise. With a low wooden bridge, just barely above water height. Zig Zagging across the Lagoon, it made for excellent photo backdrops.

Our first view over the Lagoon as seen from the hotel stairs on the second floor

The Lagoon was loaded with a variety of fish species. The fish would follow you as you walk the bridge over the Lagoon, because they were used to being feed. You could even ask the Resort staff for food to feed the fish. The Lagoon was also a good place to catch a glimpse of Asian Water Monitors soaking up the rays.

An Asian Water Monitor working on it’s tan at the Resort Lagoon 🤣

Bon Apétit, Let’s Eat!

After making it to the resort breakfast restaurant “Loca Vore”. We were greeted with a traditional Thai Wai (hands together in prayer 🙏🏽 position, held about chest level with a slight bow), and the traditional Sa-wa-dee Kap (Hello for Males), and Sa-wa-dee Kaa (Hello for Females), or just Sa-was-dee (basic “Hi”)

The Loca Vore restaurant has a full breakfast Bar – buffet style, with a menu that changes daily. Plus a selection of fresh fruits, at the fruit and juice bar. As well as an Omelette Chef making custom ordered Omelette’s to perfection.

Breakfast our first day at the Loca Vore, fried rice, with a loaded omelette, bacon, & toast.
Some of the fresh fruit available daily from the fruit bar. Watermelon, Dragonfruit, & Pineapple… The Dragonfruit is so delicious!

The daily Omelette’s quickly became one of my favorite pieces of this trip, and a staple of my morning routine. With our bellies stuffed, we wandered around the resort to finish our exploration.

Just outside of the the Quan Spa they had a unique, and very interesting species of tree we had never encountered before.

The Cannonball Tree (Couroupita Guianensis). It is native to the Tropics, & grows in Tropical Rainforest’s
My partner striking a pose with the Fountain at the Resort Entrance. By the Guest Parking Lot & Lobby Drop Off Area. There are also bicycles available for you to ride at the main lobby

What We Came To Do

With our exploration of the Resort complete. We headed back to our Villa where we decided to spend the rest of our first day resting, and relaxing around the Resort. Being still a little tired from our 30+ Hour Transit.

Look up the definition of “Relaxing” in the Webster’s Dictionary, & I’m sure you will come across this photo
Video as I chilled in our Villa’s Private Plunge Pool

After enjoying a day of sunning, and swimming. We were ready for dinner. At what would quickly become our favorite restaurant during our stay, so much so, that the staff knew us, and waited for us every night. Dinner at the “Sand Box” restaurant.

I’ll tell you what I didn’t do. I most certainly didn’t get that delicious Fish Sandwich again. Nope, not me 🤣

What’s 1 More Day of Relaxation?

The next day we tried something totally new once again at breakfast, and loved it. We tried one of the juices from the fruit bar made from the Tropical Guava Fruit.

Freshly made Guava Juice (photo left)

After yet another delicious breakfast, we eased around the resort to explore some of it’s more photogenic locations for a little photo shoot.

My partner posing for a photo at the Fork in the wooden bridge over the Lagoon
My partner striking a pose on the stairs that
lead to a Trail in the woods above the Lagoon
Video of us spying on an Asian Water Monitor enjoying a little sunlight Lagoon side

Since we spent the majority of the previous day relaxing poolside, we thought it best to spend this day relaxing beachside on the beautiful Mai Khao Beach.

The perfect location to relax in a hammock. Beachside on the Andaman Sea
If you’re looking for the perfect place to unwind & relax. Look no further, then the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

After an extremely tough day of relaxing on the beach. I’m sure, not just anybody could handle such an ordeal with the same grace that we faced the challenge 🤣. Due to the extreme demands of our “Strenuous Day” of relaxation on the beach. We felt we deserved a good lunch.

Once again, room service didn’t disappoint. The Grilled Salmon I ordered was A1. My partner ordered Mango Sticky Rice, & a Salad
I had to do a taste comparison of the Three main local Thai Beers: Singha, Chang, & Leo… Personally the Leo was my favorite

After having one of the busiest days of relaxation you have probably ever seen. We ended the night with dinner on the beach from the Sand Box restaurant.

The Menu from the Sand Box, they also have daily themes. Where the special of the day is specific cuisine from around the world
Enjoying some fresh salad on the beach as we wait for our Main Entree

This brought our final day of relaxation to an end. Our next few days spent on the island, will be spent on the go doing all sorts of touristy activities.

If you’re interested in seeing what activities we get ourselves into next. Check back for my next Blog Post as we begin our Adventure across the Phuket.

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Thanks for reading my latest Travel Blog, I hope you enjoyed viewing our stay at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa. Check out my next Blog to see our Activities in Thailand.

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