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Ocean and sand
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey

See New Places to Explore

  • Visit the Mediterranean Sea of Alexandria, or the Sahara Desert in Cairo Egypt
  • See the beautiful Beaches of Costa Rica
  • Take a road trip across Greece

(Upcoming Blogs, Stay Tuned)

Sand and ocean
Beachside Spanish Cottage. Samara Beach, Costa Rica

Come Discover & Learn

Clear water at the beach
1 of the 7 New Wonders of the World. The Roman Colosseum. Rome Italy

Experience Activities & Culture

  • Take a horse & buggy ride around the Acropolis mount in Athens Greece
  • Kayak the Pacific, or snorkel a reef
  • Maybe a Moped Rental in Key West, or Jet Ski’s at Clearwater Beach.
  • Experience street dining in Archea Olympia

(Upcoming Blogs, Stay Tuned)

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