Take A Camel Ride In Cairo Egypt

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Camel Fun Fact: A group of Camels, is called a Caravan… Photo I took of a caravan of Camels as they rested on the Giza Plateau, in Cairo Egypt.

With the three main pyramids visible (from Left to Right) Pyramid of Khufu “the Great Pyramid”, Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. With the tip of the East Pyramid, one of the Queens Pyramids just barely visible, (photo right)

Four days into our trip to Cairo Egypt. We decided to book a tour to visit the Giza Plateau, and take a Camel Back Ride too.

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I used a website called Viator to book our tour. The tour we booked included two Egyptian Tour Guides. A driver, and the actual tour guide who was a very intelligent Egyptologist.

A Place To Stay In Cairo!

Our tour leader came to pick us up from the amazing luxury hotel we stayed at in Cairo Egypt, called the Nile Kempinski Hotel.

The Nile Kempinski Hotel even has its own security team. They look after you to ensure your safety during your stay. When our tour group arrived at the hotel to pick us up. The Security Team wanted to make sure we weren’t just getting in the car with any random person.

They asked our guides if they would come inside the hotel to the front desk, where they checked their credentials, and made sure they got them on the video surveillance system. Making sure to ask for the itinerary, and our approximate return time.

Even though I had done a little research on my own, to make sure Viator had a safe and dependable track record. It gave me an extra sense of security on the go. Knowing that the Nile Kempinski went above, and beyond the call of duty to ensure our safety, Thanks Nile Kempinski!

On The Road For Giza

Photo of our first view of the Giza Plateau as we approached from the Al Fayoum Desert Road, or Highway 29 in Cairo Egypt. With the Pyramids looming over the whole background like 2 lone Mountains

As we pulled up to the Giza Plateau, I was excited about our visit to the Pyramids, Sphinx, and Giza Plateau.

Photo as we officially set foot on the Giza Plateau. With the Great Pyramid of Giza as it stands high and mighty over the plateau, seemingly threatening to eclipse the sun itself

Let’s Ride Some Camel’s

Getting on a Camel is no easy task, as their hump on average is around 6’ feet high from the ground! Another major difference I noted, is Camel Saddles only have 1 stirrup on the left side.

Unlike horse saddles which have 2 stirrups. The stirrup on a camel saddle is only made for mounting, and dismounting the camel. It’s not used during riding.

Photo of a Caravan of Camels as they cross the sands of the Sahara at the Giza Plateau. These are one hump Camels… Camel Fun Fact: One Hump Camels are called a Dromedary, and Two Hump Camels are called a Bactrian
Video from the back of a Camel, showing the height, and the view you have during your ride

The Camels get down on all fours, to allow you to mount their backs from an easier height. Once your saddled up, they stand up by raising their hind quarters first. Which makes for a step angle, until they fully stand up on their front feet, which levels the saddle.

When the Camel prepares to lay back down, in order for you to dismount. They simply reverse the process, by going down onto their front legs first.

Video of my partner as her Camel lays down, so she can dismount

A Caravan Of Camels

Video of our small caravan as we rode across the Sahara… Camel Fun Fact: Although you hear me say “Pachyderms Around Here” in the video. A camel is actually classified as a “Even-Toed Ungulate”. Camels can weigh over 2000 pounds

One last Camel Fun Fact: the hump on a Camels back isn’t used for water storage, as a lot of people commonly believe. The hump on a Camels back is actually it’s reserve energy storage.

It’s just fatty tissue, used for when the Camel is faced with harsh conditions when food gets scarce. Like a long desert crossing, where the only thing around for miles might be sand, and rocks.

It’s also believed that a Camels hump plays a critical part in keeping them cool in extreme heat. Aiding to their remarkable resistance against dehydration.

We had a great time during our Camel ride across the Giza Plateau. Should you find yourself in need of an adventure during your stay in Cairo. Remember Viator, and try a Camel Ride.

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The Roving Gypsy®

Photo of my Partner, and I at the conclusion of our Camel Ride… I took it upon myself to name our camels Winston, and Fred 🤣. I’m riding Winston, and my Partner is Riding Fred

Thanks for reading my Travel Blog, I hope you enjoyed our Camel Ride in the Sahara Desert, at the Giza Plateau as much as we did. Like what you read, and want more, or have a suggestion for me? Follow, Share, and Comment to let me know.

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