Mont Saint Michel, Places To See In France

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Photo of the small, and beautiful fortified island city of Mont Saint Michel in France. Which also holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage locations list, and contains over 60 buildings protected by France as Historical Monuments… Photo Credit

The history of Mont Saint Michel begin in 708 A.D. When according to Catholic Legend, the Bishop of Avranches, Saint Aubert had a vision. In which the Archangel Michael paid him a visit, in his vision the Archangel told him to oversee the construction of a chapel. On a small island near the end of the Couesnon River.

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A photo depicting the position of Mont Saint Michel at the end of the Couesnon River. Not to far from the Channel Island chain, which includes Guernsey, and Jersey islands in the English Channel… Photo Credit

These visions supposedly didn’t end for Saint Aubert until he promised the Archangel that he would build the chapel as commissioned.

Mont Saint Michel Defenses

The unique Mont Saint Michel is a tidal island located off the coast of modern day Normandy, France. Which became a popular pilgrimage location in the early 10th Century A.D, and still remains a popular tourist destination in France to this very day.

Photo close up of the Mont Saint Michel Monastery. This Abbey took over 500 years to build from 1017 A.D to 1521 A.D. Which is a Roman Catholic Chapel located on the walled fortress island. During World War II the Monastery came under German Occupation in 1940.

When the Germans retreated from the area after the D-Day invasion of 1944. They made no attempt to defend the area, due to the high potential for significant damage while doing so. Even the “German Armistice Commission” recognized the historical importance of this location… Photo Credit

During the 100 year war between England, and France, which lasted from 1337 to 1453. Mont Saint Michel was never invaded as it’s natural defenses made it near impenetrable at the time.

Being naturally defended by life threatening currents from surrounding bodies of water. At low tide this Fortress island is around 1 mile from the mainland. Making it a treacherous, hike across wet sand, and a marshy landscape with the potential to be swallowed whole by unseen sinkholes in the sand.

During high tide, due to its position in the English Channel, and at the mouth of the Couesnon River. The surrounding water currents become life threateningly dangerous, and can surge with the ability to variate by almost 50’ feet in depth.

A Symbol of French Might

After Mont Saint Michel survived a 30 year long siege by the English during the 100 year war. Becoming the only part of Western France to survive the English invasion without infiltration. It became a symbol of French strength.

An aerial photo of Mont Saint Michel showing the tidal island’s isolation from the rest of the French mainland. With the highest point of the island rising over 300’ feet above sea level. Which helped aid this impenetrable fortress in medieval times… Photo Credit

Visiting Mont Saint Michel

If you would like to plan your very own visit to see this little piece of French history. Which is still currently inhabited by a continuous population of around 30 people. You can use this link to book your Tickets, and purchase a guided tour by: Clicking Here

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