Where to get Passport Photos, and How to get a Visa Online for Travel.

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Getting all my Required Travel Documents like my Passport, Egyptian Visa, Turkish Visa, and International Driving Permit together for a Multi-Country Vacation to Egypt, and Turkey

Have you found yourself thinking about travel recently? Especially with Covid-19 Restrictions starting to ease up around the World. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to finally make your Dream Trip happen, but you realize you don’t know how to get a Visa.

You’ve read all the information about the country you’re planning to visit, and see they do Visas on Arrival. Maybe your like me, and don’t like to wait until your physically there, and would like the peace of mind of having your Visa in advance.

It could also be that you realize your Passport want have at least 6 valid months left on it until the expiration date. At your date of arrival to your dream locale, as required by many countries.

You now realize that you will need to renew your Passport, in addition to obtaining a Travel Visa. Don’t forget about that rental car! You also need Passport photos to renew your International Driving Permit for the rental car you’ve booked when you land.

Where To Get My Travel Documents

There’s no need to panic. One of the companies I’ve personally used. Can acquire just about any type of Travel Document you may need.

This company is iVisa.com. Check out their website to get help with all your Travel Document needs. Just click on the Link to get to their homepage, CLICK HERE

With the help of iVisa, you can acquire all of your Travel Documents Online. They can assist you with your Health Declarations, Visas, Passport Photos, and if your from the United States, iVisa can even help you with your Passport Renewal.

If you need your first Passport, and need to get the Link to download, and print off your very own Passport Application Form Online: Click Here

This is a list of the current Passport Application Fees, and Prices… To submit your filled out Passport Application, and find the Closest Passport Center to you: CLICK HERE

How do I know if I need a Visa?

If you are uncertain about rather you need a Visa for your next Travel Destination. Citizens from the United States can visit the Travel.State.Gov website: HERE and search the country, or countries you plan on visiting during your stay to see the Visa Requirements for each.

Citizens from another country, or anyone just looking for the quickest, and simplest way to check Travel Visa Requirements, and see what Travel Documents you need for a Country you plan to visit. Can use the simple iVisa.com Check Document Tool HERE.

My Personal Experience Obtaining A Visa

As I prepared for my long awaited dream trip, to check a new destination off my list. I discovered visiting the countries of Turkey, and Egypt weren’t as easy as all the other countries I had previously visited.

This was due to the fact that both Turkey, and Egypt required additional documents that other countries hadn’t required of U.S. Citizens. I needed a Travel Visa for Entry into both countries.

I searched online for more info on some of the top Travel Visa acquisition companies, and iVisa came up in my search. The simplicity of their website won me over instantly.

I applied online to get my first Tourist Visa with the help of iVisa for entry into Turkey. Once I started the Travel Visa application, iVisa laid out each step of the process for me step, by step.

This is a photo of the Tourist Electronic Travel Visa that iVisa helped me obtain Online for the first leg of my flight into Turkey… To see some of the things we saw during our visit to Istanbul, Turkey: CLICK HERE

Processing Times, and Document Retrieval

Thanks to the quick, and amazing service that iVisa provided my partner, and I with. I received my Turkish Travel Visa in less then 24 hours through my email online.

In comparison, iVisa isn’t the only Visa services company I’ve used. I also used another separate Visa company to purchase my Egyptian Travel Visa for this same trip.

Unlike iVisa who store your documents in your Online Account on their website so you can easily log back in and access them anytime, the other visa company I used Egypt e-Visa only sent you an email link to track your purchase.

The email was easily dismissible, and if deleted by accident. The only way to recover your documents was to contact customer support, and have them resend you another link. Which took considerably more time then just logging back into your account.

I don’t know if the turn around time on the Egyptian Travel Visa took longer because of extra government background checks, or rather the Visa Company just had longer waits due to website traffic, and processing times. Either way, it took closer to 72 hours to get my Egyptian Visa approved.

To see some of the amazing sites we saw during our visit to Egypt: Click Here

Where To Get Passport Photos Online

Let’s get those Passports in your hand, and get you on the way to your next dream vacation. To get started with your Passport, or International Driving Permit Photo’s with iVisa: CLICK HERE

There are multiple ways to get your passport photos, with most of them requiring an in person visit to an approved passport photo center. Rather you need them for a Passport, or International Driving Permit. Approved Government I.D. Photos can be obtained at the following locations:

How To Take A Passport Photo?

Here’s a list of the basics for taking your Passport Photo correctly:

  • Take a clear, high resolution photo of your face. That isn’t blurry, or pixelated, make sure you aren’t using any filters.
  • Make sure the photo is a recent photo, taken within the last 6 Months.
  • Make sure your photo is in Color.
  • Don’t take a selfie. Use a stand, or get someone else to take the photo.
  • Remove eyeglasses for a Passport Photo.
  • Use a plain solid color background, preferably a White Background.
  • Make sure your Passport Photo is the correct size: 2”x 2” inches
  • Don’t digitally alter, or Photoshop your photo.
  • Maintain a neutral facial expression facing the camera, with both eyes open.

Travel With Peace Of Mind

In conclusion, I hope that this information was helpful for you. The next time your ready to Travel, don’t be overwhelmed by unexpected document requirements. Check with iVisa.com before you leave, and know before you go!

The Roving Gypsy®

Thanks for reading my Travel Blog, I hope this information can help you obtain, your Passport, Visas and any other Travel Documents you may need. If this information was helpful to you Share, and Comment to let me hear your personal experiences.

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