The Parthenon Of Greece, In Nashville Tennessee.

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The only existing Life Sized Exact Replica of the Parthenon of Athens Greece in the world. This is the Parthenon of Nashville Tennessee, as it stands dominating the hill top in Centennial Park. It has 46 exterior Columns, and 23 interior Columns, and is 65’ Feet Tall

Having visited the real Parthenon in Athens, Greece. I felt that it was only fair to visit the life size replica, a little piece of Classical Greek Architecture built in the Doric style in Nashville Tennessee. The Tennessee Parthenon is located over 5600 miles away from the Original.

My partner, and I taking a selfie atop the Acropolis Mount in Athens, Greece. In front of the Parthenon built in 438 B.C. as a Temple for
the Goddess Athena… For more info, and to purchase tickets to see the Acropolis in Athens Greece, and visit the Parthenon: CLICK HERE

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A Little Piece of Tennessee History

The 1st Parthenon of Nashville Tennessee, was built as a temporary structure. The exterior of the building, sculptures, and decorative artwork were all made of plaster.

Though the structure was built to be temporary, the locals of Nashville fell in love with the Parthenon replica. They attempted multiple times to stretch out its lifespan, with a litany of patchwork repairs.

Through this series of dedicated repairs, they extended the original Parthenon’s lifespan until 1920. At which point the temporary structure was deemed beyond repair.

(East Pediment) The carvings at the top of the Parthenon located within the Triangular Pediment, depict the birth of Athena. The Goddess of Wisdom, and War

In the year of 1925 the reinforced concrete exterior had been finished. By 1931 the interior, and exterior of the Parthenon had been completed. It took from 1931, to 1982 for them to raise enough money for the Athena statue to be built.

A sculpture done as an artist rendering of what the original Athena Parthenos statue may have looked liked inside the Ancient Parthenon in Athens Greece. The Original Athena Parthenos sculpture of Athens Greece, that once stood inside the Parthenon. Was sculpted by the famous ancient sculptor Pheidias… (This Is Not the current Golden Centerpiece Athena, of the Nashville Parthenon. Keep reading to see the Colossal Statue below!)

Let’s See Some Art!

Currently, and every since the 1930’s, the Nashville Tennessee Parthenon has housed continuously changing art exhibits, and an array of historical galleries. It’s currently classified as a Fine Arts Museum.

A poster telling the life story of Juno Frankie Pierce an activist for African Americans, and Women. She conducted a voter registration drive that led to over 2000 + African American Women voting in 1919 when women were finally allowed to vote in Nashville Tennessee
One of the old advertisement drums from the Preservation Hall, for the famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band. From deep down in the French Quarter of New Orleans
“Indian In Cornfield” an early 1900’s oil painting done by the Kentucky born artist Walter Ufer. He created this artwork during his time living alongside the Pueblos in Taos, New Mexico to raise awareness of a people wronged by modern civilization
A surviving Victorian Era women’s black dress from the year 1887

A Golden Centerpiece

Walking into the Naos chamber of the Parthenon with its 2 story, double pillared Colonnade, and 42’ Foot Tall Athena of Parthenos sculpture. The statue is gilded in attention grabbing Gold at the center of the Colonnade.

In her left hand, she holds a Shield, protecting the sacred Snake. She has a Spear with it’s shaft planted firmly on the ground, and it’s tip resting on her left shoulder.

Her helmet is gilded with a Sphinx at its center, and 2 Griffins one on each side, with the wings of a Pegasus on either side of the helmet. Upon her chest she wears the snake tasseled head of Medusa, given to her by Zeus.

In her outstretched right hand, with the palm facing up, she holds a 6’ Foot Tall, statue of Nike. Nike is known as the goddess of Victory, and is here depicted in her Greek Winged Victory form.

Even Athena of Parthenos sandals are ornate. With the outside of the soles depicting the mythical Greek Battle of the Centaurs, and Lapiths.

The Gold gilded scene across the base of her statue is the story of Pandora’s birth, as all the most important gods of Olympia watch over her birth.

A Closer Look

Local artist, and Nashville Tennessee born Sculptor Alan LeQuire – is the gifted artist who sculpted the Athena Parthenos. It took him 8 years to create this 42’ Foot Tall Masterpiece.

With Athena being the goddess of War, and Nike being the Goddess of Victory. The power of the two combined deities was expected to radiate out, and protect ancient Athens, and Greece. Bringing them Victory in Battle.

The Temple Parthenon is located at the top of the Acropolis at nearly 500’ feet above the city of Athens.

A photo I took during our trip to the Acropolis in Athens Greece. From the bottom of the Acropolis Mount. Showing off the Parthenon’s prominent position above the city of Greece (Photo Center). Along with the Consecutive Arches of the Stoa of Eumenes (Photo Left)

Monumental Doors!

My Partner as she holds the Paw of a replica of the Marble Griffin. Which sets atop the roof of the Parthenon, one at each of the four corners

As we continued our tour of the Parthenon leaving the Naos Chamber, and house of Athena. We made it to the front of the Parthenon, and as we entered this last room, we faced the largest set of doors I’ve ever seen.

My partner posing in front of the Colossal set of doors to the Parthenon.
A close-up photo of the artwork, and ornate carvings crafted into the Parthenon Doors

A local Nashville Architect, by the name of Russel Hart, designed these massive doors. These massive doors weigh 7.5 tons (or 15,000 Pounds), they are 7’ feet wide, and 24’ feet high, by 1’ foot thick. They are made of Bronze, and are the largest known set of Bronze Doors in the world.

These massive Bronze doors, are balanced on steel hinges, with ball bearing collars at the top, and bottom to help them move easily.

The Parthenon Pediments

Each of the Pediments from the Parthenon depict a different scene from Greek Mythology. The Pediment is the triangular shaped upper portion on the outside of the Parthenon near the roof.

This is the (West) Pediment. Which depicts an ancient contest that happened between Athena, and Poseidon (God of the Sea). As they competed for the honor of becoming the chief Patron of Athens… (The upper portion of the photo, is an artist recreation of the scene, while the lower portion is an actual cast made from a mold of the original Parthenon Pediment in Greece)
This is the (East) Pediment. Which depicts the birth of Athena. As she was born from the head of Zeus, when he experienced an agonizing headache, and called Hephaestus to strike him with his Forge Hammer, splitting open Zeus’s head.

According to Greek Mythology this is when Athena jumped out of his head in a full suit of Armor, thus being born… (The upper portion of the photo, is an artist recreation of the scene, while the lower portion is an actual cast made from a mold of the original Parthenon Pediment in Greece)

For more historical information about the Parthenon replica of Nashville, Tennessee. Click Here

For Hours of Operation, and Museum Admission Prices: Click Here

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Seeing as I Started this article, with a selfie of my Partner, and I at the Original Parthenon in Athens Greece. I thought it was only fitting to end it with a photo of us at the Parthenon of Nashville, Tennessee

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