Places To See in Morocco, The Kasbah Taourirt

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The Kasbah Taourirt

Kasbah Taourirt, Taourirt Kasbah, or Kasar of Taourirt (All Names for the same Fortified Structure). Is located in Ouarzazate, Morocco. It was was first built in the 1600’s, and then greatly expanded upon in the 1800’s

The Kasbah Taourirt is a historical site located in the Ouarzazate Province of Morocco. It’s still an active dwelling for a few local families today.

This particular area of Morocco is known for it’s many Fortified Structures. Including the World UNESCO Site of the fortified village known as Aït Benhaddou.

Another thing the Kasbah Taourirt is famous for, is being one of the best preserved Mud Brick, and Rammed Earth structures still in existence.

It’s been featured in Films such as Disney’s Prince of Persia, and also in Dream Works and Universal Pictures Gladiator.

What Is A Rammed Earth Structure?

Rammed Earthen Construction is a building technique in which natural materials such as gravel, clay, sand, or chalk are compressed into a preformed mold.

The process of compacting these materials into a preformed mold is called Formwork. These formwork molds are usually built of wood, and made into whatever shape they need the wall, floor, or foundation to be.

Many different cultures mixed Animal Blood, or Lime with whichever natural substance they chose to fill their Formwork Molds. This helped increase the stability to the structure, and was known as a stabilizer.

Once the Formwork Molds have enough material in them, the builders would use long ramming poles to pack the material down.

Compressing each layer of the mold, as it’s filled. This process is known as Tamping. It also requires a great amount of physical labor to build in this fashion.

By employing this labor intensive building style, along with mud brick construction, the Kasbah Taourirt is truly a remarkable feat of engineering.

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