The Marble, And Porphyry Apollo

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This sculpture is located at the Museum of Archaeology in Naples Italy. This Museum is a must on any Italy List, see more of our adventures in Italy HERE. It is known as Apollo Seated with Lyre, and was created in the 2nd Century A.D.

The statue of Apollo is made of two separate materials White Marble, and Porphyry. Combined, they add to this statues striking appearance.

Everyone is familiar with Marble, but not everyone is familiar with the second substance the sculpture is made of. Porphyry is an igneous rock consisting of a fine grained crystals such as quartz.

An Igneous type rock, means that the rock was formed from Lava, Magma, or some other part of the Volcanic process.

The object which Apollo is holding is a Lyre. Which is a small, stringed, U-Shaped harp style musical instrument. They were especially famous in Ancient Greece.

View of the ceiling fresco, from inside the Great Hall of the Naples Museum of Archeology. Which houses the Sculpture of Apollo seated with Lyre. The building was originally built in 1585 as an Army Barracks, and converted into a Museum in 1777 by decree of
King Ferdinand IV

The statue itself is part of the famous Farnese Collection. Farnese is the name of the wealthy family, who owned, and collected many Classical Greek, and Roman artworks from Antiquity.

Members of this influential family included the 8 Dukes of Parma from the House of Farnese, and Pope Paul III who acquired, and appropriated the majority of the famous artworks in the Farnese Collection.

The Original Photo of the “Farnese Collection” Apollo Seated with Lyre. 2nd Century A.D.

Apollo is one of the Ancient Greek, and Roman gods of mythology from Mt. Olympia. He is the son of Zeus, his mother was Leto.

Apollo is displayed with his Lyre because, among his many titles such as: God of Punishment and Destruction, God of Help and Deterrent of Evil, God of Prophecy, God of Livestock protection, and God of Civil Establishment.

He was also known as the God of Song and Music. Apollo was ascribed with the creation of the Flute, and the Lyre. This statue was made in honor of his title as the God of Music.

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