The Faces of Mt. Rushmore

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in the Black Hills of Keystone, South Dakota. The Sculptor behind the creation of Mt. Rushmore was Gutzon Borglum.

Later into the project. He would be joined by his son Lincoln Borglum. Over the course of a 14 year span from 1927 to 1941. Father and Son, they worked together to craft the sculpted faces of Mt. Rushmore.

There are 4 United States President’s faces carved into Mt. Rushmore. From Left to Right it contains the faces of:

  • George Washington – the 1st President of the U.S (April 1789 – March 1797)
  • Thomas Jefferson – the 3rd President of the U.S (March 1801 – March 1809)
  • Theodore Roosevelt Jr. – the 26th President of the U.S (September 1901 – March 1909)
  • Abraham Lincoln – the 16th President of the U.S (March 1861 – April 1865)

The Meaning Behind The President

Each President memorialized on Mt. Rushmore was selected for a specific reason. Each face has a meaning that is significant to the creation of the United States.

Close Up view of Mt. Rushmore at Sunset. Photo was took during my 4100 mile Road Trip

George Washington – Was the 1st President of the United States. He helped rally, and successfully led the original 13 Colonies in battle against the British (Red Coats). During the American Revolutionary War. He helped the United States Successfully Declare Independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776

Thomas Jefferson – Was the primary Author for one of the most important documents in the history of the U.S., the Declaration of Independence. He was also responsible for increasing the size of the United States. With the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. – Also known as Teddy Roosevelt, was the influential figure in getting the construction of the Panama Canal started in 1904. He also helped pass laws that helped America during a time of Rapid Economic Growth. He was known for helping the working class man.

Abraham Lincoln – Was most known for his work in trying to Reunite a Broken Nation during the American Civil War. He was also the reckoning force behind the Abolishment of Slavery in the United States. He helped congress create the 13th Amendment, which ended Slavery on December 18th, 1865.

View from the Road as I approached the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial
The Original photo of the Presidents – Faces of Mt. Rushmore

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  1. I have always been intrigued by Mt Rushmore. I think it is something to do with the scale of the vision ie. there’s a mountain…I might just carve 4 massive faces in it. Not many people have this sort of vision these days. Thanks for sharing. Mel

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