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We paid a visit to the The Temple of Hera, during our Road Trip across Greece. It’s located in the ancient city of Archaia Olympia, Greece.

The ancient Temple of Hera was built around 590 B.C. The actual Olympic Games themselves, are much older. The first Olympic Game ever is said to have happened around the year 776B.C. in Olympia, Greece.

Instead of moving from one location to another, as the games do today. In Ancient times all the Olympic Games were held in Archaia Olympia.

The Grand Entrance

Photo of my Partner standing underneath the Ancient Olympic Arch leading to the ancient Olympic Games Playing Field, and stadium. The same way the Original Olympic Athletes would have entered the Stadium
This is all that remains, of what was once the original Olympic Games playing field, which was at the center of the ancient stadium seating area, so spectators could watch the Olympic Athletes Compete. It was the home of the Olympic Games for over 1100 years from 776 B.C to 393 A.D

The Temple of Hera is also the birthplace of the Olympic Flame. With every Olympic Flame starting its journey around the world from this location since 1936.

With the Olympic Torch being passed on from hand to hand, on its way to the modern day Olympic Stadium. The Alter of Hera is located just outside the Temple of Hera in Archaia Olympia, Greece.

It’s even rumored, that a few Olympic Games were even held into the year 426 A.D. Until they were ended under the reign of the Roman Emperor Theodosius II when he burned the Ancient Temple of Zeus in Archaia Olympia.

Starting Point of the Olympic Flame

View of what remains, of the ancient Alter of Hera, with the Temple of Hera visible in the background

They hold an Olympic Torch lighting Ceremony, at the Alter of Hera in Archaia Olympia which signifies the “Official Start” of the modern day Olympic Games.

A photo of the Information Plaque located at the Alter of Hera in Archaia Olympia, depicting the Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony

The site of Archaia (also spelled Archea) Olympia was ravaged by a series of misfortunate events. Including invasion by warring tribes, earthquakes, and tsunamis in the 3rd Century A.D. sometime around the year 385 A.D.

What little that remained of the Ancient Ruins of the City of Olympia. Were completely destroyed around the year 551 A.D by yet another devastating Earthquake.

The view as you look back across the Temple of Hera from the Alter side of the Temple

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The Original Photo of the Temple of Hera

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