Ancient Temple Discovered On Beach In Greece

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Ruins of Ancient Greek Temple. The Temple of Apollo Zoster
The Remains Of The Ancient Temple In Greece

This ancient temple from around the 6th Century B.C., was discovered by kids from a local Orphanage in Vouliagmeni Greece, as they were playing in the sand.

The beach these kids were playing on, is today known as Astir Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Vouliagmeni.

Hidden Beneath the Sands

What the kids had uncovered were the Ancient remains, of the Temple of Apollo Zoster. Dating back to the late 6th Century B.C.

The kids uncovered marble bases, column drums, and part of an inscription which identified the Temple Remains as the “Sanctuary of Apollo Zoster”

Ruins of Ancient Greek Temple found on Beach in Greece, at Astir Beach
Remains of the Temple of Apollo Zoster, with Astir Beach in the background.

Their find triggered an Archaeological Excavation in 1926, which lasted until 1927 and finally brought the over 2300 year old, long forgotten Temple back into the light.

Dual language Information, and Map board about the Temple of Apollo Zoster in Vouliagmeni Greece, at Astir Beach
The dual language Information & Map plaque about the Temple of Apollo Zoster in Vouliagmeni Greece, at Astir Beach

A Tale From Greek Mythology

In the Greek Legend of Apollo. His mother Leto was one of the Titanides, being the daughter of the Titan Coeus. Her beauty was said to be so incredible that she attracted the eyes of Zeus.

Zeus impregnated Leto with twins, Apollo, and Artemis. This infuriated Hera, the wife of Zeus. In a wrathful jealous rage Hera relentlessly pursued Leto, and cursed her, so that every land would reject, and turn their backs on Leto. Refusing her shelter and sanctuary during her pregnancy.

A Masterpiece
Sculpture of Leto (Latona in Roman) with her twin children Apollo, and Artemis (Diana in Roman). By artist William Henry Rinehart
Sculpture of Leto (Latona in Roman) with her twin children Apollo & Artemis (Diana in Roman)… carved by William Henry Rinehart. On display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

During her quest to find a place to safely rest and give birth to her twin boys. She came upon the the very shores, of what is today Astir Beach, and here she loosened her “Zoster – gilt belt, or girdle” (Namesake of the Temple) as she was close to giving birth.

From here, at her vantage point upon modern day Astir Beach. She was able to loosen her Zoster and enter the Myrtoan Sea, which lead her to a floating island created by Zeus to give her refuge from Hera, this island is called Delos.

In one of the tales from Greek Mythology, about the plight of Leto, it is said that as a Thank You. For allowing her refuge, during her pregnancy, Leto gifted the people of Delos a present by anchoring the floating island to the ocean floor, with 4 great anchors. Stabilizing the Island & saving it down to this very day.

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Kick Back & Relax

Interracial Couple in water at Astir Beach, in the Saronic Gulf in Vouliagmeni Greece
Taking a refreshing dip in the clean & clear waters of the Myrtoan Sea

The best way to experience the Ancient Ruins of the Temple of Apollo Zoster is to purchase admission to Astir Beach. Delve into the ancient history that surrounds the location & then enjoy yourself.

Astir Beach has many amenities, including full bathrooms with individual private showers, a restaurant and bar.

Each beach umbrella has an intercom button on them, just press the button & order food & drinks right from the beach, without ever leaving your spot in the sun!

Woman showing Sushi ordered on the beach at Astir beach in Greece.
Enjoying some Sushi on Astir Beach after viewing the ruins of the Apollo Zoster Temple

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