Best Place To Watch Fireworks: 4th of July On The Water

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The Roving Gypsy, an interracial couple on balcony at night in Biloxi Mississippi.
On the Balcony of the 18th Floor of the Margaritaville Resort, with Harrah’s Gulf Coast Hotel & Casino in the background a glow in purple

With July 4th coming right in the middle of peek Coronavirus outbreaks around the country. People were on lockdown all over the states & travel was widely restricted.

Access to most of the coastal areas in the country were also restricted during this time, due to Covid-19 fears. Beaches & recreational water activities were shut down.

There were very few places to chose from to watch the Independence Day Fireworks around the country, & even less places to chose from internationally at the time.


After looking through all the travel restrictions nationwide, & seeing some of the legal implications of being on the beach in certain areas during this time.

We found a place that still had their beaches open for the Fourth of July. That place was Biloxi Beach, Mississippi. Looking through Biloxi’s July 4th celebration plans on Google. I saw they planned to shoot fireworks from Deer Island.


View looking over Biloxi Mississippi at night.
Overlooking Beach Blvd. from the Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi Beach, Mississippi

We decided to book a room at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Resort Biloxi, in southern Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. Booking a King Suite with a Balcony gives you an excellent view of Deer Island. Which is the location they decided to shoot the Fireworks from.

Interracial couple taking photo on Biloxi Bay, with Deer Island in the background.
Picture from the hotel Balcony, with Deer Island in the background

Why did we chose this exact Balcony & view to get a selfie? Well because the hotel suggested we do so 🤣.

Selfie Spot Suggestion Wheel, with the Margaritaville Biloxi hashtag.
The hotels subtle suggestion for a selfie


Seeing as we arrived 2 days before July 4th we still had a few days to wait until the big Independence Day Celebration. The Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi has a number of different restaurants to chose from, as well as a rooftop outdoor Waterpark, & indoor playground/Arcade for children.

Guy in black Chicago bulls hat, having a 5 O’clock somewhere at a Margaritaville water park.
Relaxing at the Rooftop outdoor Waterpark, having a cool drink in the hot summer heat

Between the Resorts numerous activities, & the many activities the City of Biloxi has to offer. It’s extremely easy to keep your time occupied with something fun & entertaining to do.

Wanting to get out & explore away from the Resort. We called ahead & booked Jetski Rentals from Get Wet Inc. We headed out to the local Waffle House for breakfast & then eased on over to Biloxi Beach to ride our Jetski’s.

The Roving Gypsy, interracial couple getting ready to ride rental Jet Ski’s in Biloxi Mississippi.
My Partner & I getting ready to hit the waves
Biloxi Beach View from the water from my rental jet ski in Mississippi.
Heading back in to Biloxi Beach from the water
Man in red hat in water as woman rides rental jet ski to shore in Biloxi Mississippi
Waiting in the water as my partner comes back in on her ski in the background

After completing our Jetski fun in the sun. We headed back down the main strip in town stopping to see the Broadwater Beach Marina Light.

Mostly just called “The Lighthouse” amongst locals. Is a lighthouse located at a Marina Park in Biloxi.

Redhead woman in red dress modeling with lighthouse at Broadwater Beach Marina in Biloxi Mississippi.
My partner posing with the lighthouse at Broadwater Beach Marina

Still out just doing things as we happen into them, & exploring the city along the Gulf Coast. On our way back to the Margaritaville Resort. We passed a scooter rental place, which caught our attention.

Hitting a U-Turn we went back & pulled into the parking lot of “Life’s A Beach Scooter Rentals”. I told them we wanted the fastest thing they had….

Woman taking a picture in a rental 3 wheel beach buggy, an Italian Piaggo P50 Scoot Coupe, at Biloxi Beach Mississippi.
Our Italian Piaggo P50 Scoot Coupe, Top speed of around 30 mph with a 49cc engine 🤣
Video of my 49cc Hotrod in action

With my Partner controlling the handlebars of our Scoot Coupe around town. I kept the locals entertained, with a hair parting top speed of 30 mph.

Our Scoot Coupe was a little slow off the line at stop lights, so I took the time to help out. By pretending to row 🚣🏽 our Scoot Coupe to a start & help get it going at every light in town & the locals were all about it 🤣.

With many rolling their windows down & cheering me on, honking & waving, & some shouting faster. Our Scoot Coupe tour of Biloxi was most definitely a spectacle.


You get the idea, we most definitely had an activity, or two to keep our time occupied in Biloxi. Having finally made it the 4th of July we were ready to see the lights in the sky.

Having rained off & on most of the day, it stopped raining just before 8p.m CST leaving a freshly rain washed view of the city of Biloxi from the balcony at our room.

Looking over Biloxi from the 18th floor of the Margaritaville Resort in Mississippi, at sunset.
View from our room at Sunset in Biloxi, just before the Fireworks begin

With the Fireworks set to start at 9p.m. CST we had the perfect view for watching them transport the loaded barge of Pyrotechnics into place at Deer Island, as the police blocked the bay off by boat for safety.

Independence Day Fireworks Celebration, 4th of July in Biloxi Mississippi
The 4th of July Fireworks Celebration
Click Here to watch the video of the Fireworks from the water over Biloxi Bay

The next time your looking for a good spot to see the Independence Day Fireworks Show, consider Biloxi Beach, Mississippi. Book your room at the Margaritaville Resort & enjoy the show!

2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium 6-Speed Coyote 302ci 5.0 Liter V8 50th Anniversary Edition, at West Beach in Biloxi Mississippi.
My 5.0 Mustang GT (“Desire”) at the West Beach Boardwalk in Biloxi

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