How Will The Covid-19 Passport Effect Your Travel In 2021?

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The Virus 🦠 that will Require its on Passport

With Covid-19 effectively slowing International Travel to all but a halt. Airlines, Entertainment Venues, Cruise Lines, & Countries alike are all actively looking for a solution to reopen borders, & large group activities.

One of the main solutions that was a direct result of their brainstorming, is the creation of a Covid Passport. Some countries have already declared they will require this special type of health passport in order for travelers to return, & visit their country freely once again.


Preparing for travel, mapping out route, gathering passport, and camera.
A Vaccine May be needed for future Travel

Countries like Israel, & Denmark have already started the process of creating a Green Passport (Israel), or Vaccine Passport (Denmark). To go along with the current roll out of the Covid-19 Vaccine release. It will be used to verify travelers have been vaccinated, in order to approve them entry into the country.

IATA the International Air Transport Association which represents close to 300 airlines. Is currently in planning to activate their Travel Pass Initiative. This is a plan to help get more passengers back into airports & on planes once again.

The way the IATA Travel Pass will work is by notifying passengers through a mobile app of the required vaccines needed to visit an area, & provide info on places to receive these vaccines.

It will then verify prior to departure that the passengers vaccinations are up to date. Giving other foreign governments peace of mind, allowing travelers to return.

Ticketmaster is another business in the process of rolling out a new way to verify a customers Covid-19 vaccination status. They are creating a Digital Health Pass. Which will allow people to attend large group venues like Concerts, & Sporting events once again.


Airplane taking off into the clouds
The skies may reopen soon

Some of the biggest airlines like United, Virgin Atlantic, & JetBlue are working on using another mobile app, similar to IATA’s Travel Pass. These airlines are looking into using an app called CommonPass.

Which they started testing on select flights into the Caribbean back in February, to verify passenger vaccination status. Allowing passengers to avoid a 14 day quarantine.

In other countries around the world, Airlines like Australia’s Qantas, & South Korea’s Korean Air have stated they are currently looking into changing their policies to require passengers to have the Covid-19 Vaccine in order to fly.


With Moderna, Pfizer, & Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) Covid Vaccine getting the Green Light to go ahead with an emergency vaccine rollout. Many people are worried their creation was rushed, & want to know is it safe?

These three particular vaccines were proven to prevent Covid during Clinical Trials with Pfizer producing a 95% effectiveness rate, Moderna producing a 94.1% effectiveness rate, & Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) producing a 66.3% effectiveness rate. Health Care workers, & long term care facilities were among the first to receive the vaccination.

According to people from this group, the main symptom was injection site pain. With Headaches, Fatigue, & Muscle Pain being the next most common symptoms.

With over 11.12 Billion people worldwide having already received the Covid Vaccine according to Our World in Data. A total of 558 million of those were administered in the U.S. Current results show that only 1 in every 1 million has encountered a serious side effect, or complication from the Vaccine.

Serious & Severe side effects, including death, are tracked by (VAERS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The CDC makes it clear “reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem”

According to the CDC, recent reports indicate a plausible relationship between the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) vaccine & TTS (thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome). It’s a rare & serious adverse event that causes blood clots with low platelets, which caused 5 deaths.

With over 558 million doses of the Covid Vaccine administered in the United States the percentage of reports of death to VAERS is extremely low. Being less then a Percent at (0.0022%) among people who receive a Covid Vaccine. For more information from the CDC, and a more comprehensive list of the Vaccine side effects, reports & studies… CLICK HERE

With that being said, after monitoring the side effects of millions who have received the vaccine. The general consensus among experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, is that the Covid-19 Vaccine is safe.


New York Yankees baseball field
Are you ready to watch fans on the Jumbotron again?

With all the information currently available on the Covid Vaccine. I encourage you to do your own research, & carefully ponder what you will personally do.

It will come down to questions like: How eager are you to get back in the skies, roam unrestricted in another country, attend a large concert, or a major sporting event?

Because in the very near future, a Covid Vaccine may be a prerequisite to enjoy these activities freely once again.

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