My List Of The Top Things To Do in South Padre Island. Day – 5, and 6

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The Roving Gypsy, an interracial couple riding bikes on a cobblestone pathway.
The beginning of a 12 mile bicycle ride
Bicycling around South Padre Island

Last time we left off, I was telling you about our 12 mile bicycle ride around South Padre Island to Tour the Sea Turtle Art Trail. What did we get ourselves into after that? Well I’m fixing to tell you what kinda trouble we managed to get ourselves into next 🙂


Once we got our day started on South Padre Island with another delicious breakfast from a local restaurant on South Padre Island called The Grapevine Cafe & Coffeehouse.

A Redhead woman enjoying breakfast on the balcony at the beach. From the Hilton Garden Inn in South Padre Island Texas
Enjoying our Morning Breakfast on the Balcony.

After breakfast, we relaxed for awhile. It was also the day we had to return our rental bicycles. We needed to get them loaded back into the vehicle, down a narrow hotel hallway, around a corner, & into an elevator.

During this process we received a few looks for creating a debacle whiles trying to get 2 bicycles on a small elevator shared with other passengers. We succeed in getting them back out of the building to the vehicle & loaded.


After returning our bikes & riding around town, doing a little shopping picking up items we needed, & running from other coughing customers in the store. It was time for dinner. We decided to try out a different restaurant for dinner called Tom & Jerry’s Bar & Grill.

Tom & Jerry’s Bar and grill in South Padre Island Texas.
Pulling up in Tom & Jerry’s Parking lot

Trying to eat at a variety of different restaurants during our stay. We like to just randomly pick out a new place to try. On this particular day Tom & Jerry’s was this place.

The lights are dim as you walk in the door. Giving it that old school pub felling. They have all kinds of odd & intriguing decorations, from old shiny brass fire extinguishers, to half Marlin/half painting taxidermy stuffed sword fish protruding from the wall.

Head Turner Delivery!

After staring down the menu & ordering. It was quite a surprise when they delivered my fajita style Seared chicken & cheese dinner. It turned every head in the restaurant as the waiter walked through with the searing cast iron platter.

Smothered chicken breast, with Mac & Cheese, and rice, with Texas Toast from Tom & Jerry’s bar and grill.
Bon Appétit

With a trail of steam, & still sizzling food. It made for quite the visually appealing entree. For our Appetizer dish we ordered blackened fish bites.

Blackened Fish Bites from Tom & Jerry’s Bar and Grill in South Padre Island Texas.
Blackened Fish bites


After eating dinner we set about seeking out one of the many recreational vehicle rental shops lining the main street, Ocean Blvd. On the main strip you can rent anything from: Bicycles, Slingshots, Segways, Mopeds, Trikes, Dune Buggy’s, Golf Carts, to Jeeps.

These are just to name a few of the toys available on South Padre Island. After selecting one of the rental stores with the most Slingshots parked out front. We headed inside to talk with the rental agent.

The Roving Gypsy, an interracial couple Renting a bright red Polaris Slingshot, with LED Lights.
Our rental Polaris Slingshot

After getting a quick run down of the controls, & a peek at the 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder engine producing around 205 horsepower, & giving the little slingshot plenty of galloping power.

It was time to get out on the road & play! In order to test the Slingshot out & see what it could do. I had to get out on Texas Highway 100 on the Queen Isabella Causeway bridge heading back out of town to the mainland & give her the Giddy Up Juice.

Also if you know me, you know I name every vehicle I drive. Her name was “2-Step Susey” (don’t ask 🤣). Susey made getting across the bridge a simple task, scaring a pelican or two along the way.

Hanging on for dear life!

Getting on the passenger side, & letting my partner take the wheel 😱. Lol

If you want to get a look, or two. We discovered the best way was to take the brightest Reddest Slingshot you could find in town.

Down the main strip after dark with the LED lights on, lighting the vehicle up in a vibrant array of colors. With the LED’s changing from one color to the next, as your favorite music played on the Bluetooth stereo.

Bright Red Polaris Slingshot with LED Lights on at night in front of the Hilton Garden Inn in South Padre Island Texas.
Picture of the Slingshot with the LED lights on

Driving a Slingshot rental in South Padre Island is most definitely a blast. Spend some time on the Island, & have yourself some fun.


The next day we got out day started with breakfast from a different local restaurant, that turned out to be our favorite. It was called “Yummies Bistro”. They made the best breakfast & omelets in town.

Breakfast on the balcony with a Redhead woman, food from Yummies Bistro in South Padre Island Texas.
Enjoying breakfast from Yummies Bistro

If you enjoy fresh fruit. Yummies also made one of the best mixed fruit plates in town. They also have really good coffee, with a selection of specialty coffees for you to chose from.

This particular day, was a rainy day on South Padre Island. We stuck to mostly indoor activities for the day. Chilling out on the balcony watching the rain & searching the internet for our next adventure.

After randomly finding the Mexican Restaurant El Chilango Tequeria a few days earlier. We both decided this was the perfect place to have dinner also. Once again, their food did not disappoint!

A Redhead Woman enjoying dinner on the Balcony, from El Chilango Tequeria Mexican Restaurant in South Padre Island Texas
Spicy Shrimp Tacos and black bean soup from El Chilango Tequeria

After dinner we headed out for our first movie of the year since Covid-19 hit. We found a nice quit little movie theater called Island Cinema South Padre Island.

Interracial couple enjoying popcorn, and a movie at a Cinema.
Getting ready to watch a movie 🎥 🍿

The cinema was a locally owned 4 screen cinema. The previews consisted of ads from all the local businesses on the island. Making it a great way to find out about things you may want to try, or might have missed otherwise.

We had the entire cinema practically to ourselves, with the exception of two other families in the whole theater.

Let’s Watch A Movie

Watching DC Comics Wonder Woman 1984 in a Movie Cinema.
Watching the new DC Comics movie Wonder Woman 1984

Also if you haven’t seen the new Wonder Woman movie. Check it out, the story line & plot keeps you wanting to know what’s going to happen next. It’s quite the enthralling big screen thriller.


The Christmas Lights of South Padre Island
Red and Black Rental Polaris Slingshot in South Padre Island Texas.
The Polaris Slingshot
A Redhead Woman modeling in a Red Polaris Slingshot in front of an Ocean Mural with Orcas, also known as killer whales swimming by.
My partner posing behind the wheel
View from the room of the Hilton Garden Inn in South Padre Island Texas, overlooking the pool, and the beach, with Palm trees on a cloudy day.
View from the room Balcony on a cloudy morning, overlooking the pool & Gulf of Mexico


If you want to find out what activities we did for the conclusion of our trip & find out how we end up without a place to stay in South Padre Island. Tune in for the final episode of The Roving Gypsy, South Padre Island Edition 🤣.

The Roving Gypsy®

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