How To Make A Travel Itinerary. Why Is It Important?

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Airport Tarmac, as a Spirit Airlines Airbus flight unloads its cargo.
Experience The Excitement of Landing In A New Country

Don’t travel blindly, know before you go. Why is it important to make a Travel Itinerary before you leave? Safety & Advanced Preparation is the main reason for creating a Travel Itinerary.

It is important to know the current state of affairs at your planned destination before your departure. That could include rather the area is facing any natural disasters, diseases, political unrest, or war tensions.

One of the best ways to plan ahead & be safe whiles traveling, is to use government tools to help you plan ahead of your visit. Here’s a list of some of those tools:


Travel.State.Gov – The best way to use this site from the U.S., is to check the current government warning level for the area you plan to visit. They have 4 different warning levels, each is represented by a different color. With level 4 being the most unsafe.

Travel State government warning levels for Travel Safety.
The 4 Warning Levels ⚠️

You can also get a heads up on the current types of crime that is most prevalent in the area you plan to visit. This way you know in advance what to be on the lookout for, & have less of a chance of becoming a statistic. It also gives you information on which places, or streets to avoid if there’s a bad section of town.

STEP Program Enrollment – The best way to use the step enrollment site. Is to create an account, & notify the U.S. Embassy in the country you plan to travel. This way they know the dates you’re there, & can keep you posted on current developments in the area. Especially those which may affect your safety.

This gives you a chance to get to safety ahead of time, during life threatening situations. This also allows them to know how many American Citizens may be in the area, in case they need to assist you in getting back home.

Example of the STEP account Creation screen.

CDC.Gov – This particular website can give you the heads up on any illnesses, or diseases you may face in the area you plan to travel. It will let you know the recommended immunizations needed for the area you’re visiting.

It can also give you advanced warning about different insect species you may need to be aware of in the area. Some of which may carry particularly harmful viruses. It can even recommend specific vaccines by region, in certain countries.


Getting caught in Dangerous Weather away from home.

Another thing you want to keep an eye on is the weather for the area you’re going to be staying in. Depending on where in the world you are, it can be anything from Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Lightning, Gales, Typhoons, Rain, Blizzards, Ice, Hail, or Fog.

There’s also natural disasters to look out for like Volcanoes, Sandstorms, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Wildfires, Landslides, Ice Flows, & Floods.

Knowing what to do in each of these situations can be the difference between life & death. Using a reliable service to help keep you alert to your surroundings is paramount.


These are two of my personal favorites to stay in the know, whiles on the go. They inform you of all sorts of different weather, & natural disasters alike. Both of these are conveniently available in Mobile App form also.

They can use your location, all around the world & keep you informed with whats going on in your current area. Even when your away from home at an international location. Both of these apps are Traveler friendly. – is The Weather Channels official website. It’s a great tool for checking the weather anywhere around the globe before you go. You can find out exactly what type of clothes, or gear you may need to pack for that particular time of year. – is one of the largest professional weather networks in the world. It also gives you inclement weather alerts wherever your current location in the world may be. It can even tell you the pollen count if your area if you’re prone to having allergies.


Making a detailed Travel Itinerary can save you headaches down the road. Especially when you encounter an unexpected problem, or delay along the way.

The main thing you want to remember when creating a Travel Itinerary, is to include details. Things like:

  • Destination
  • Activities & Excursions
  • Driving Routes
  • Dates & Times
  • Hotels & Confirmation Numbers
  • Airline or Cruise Info
  • Emergency Service Numbers
  • Rental Vehicle Info
  • Any Trip Insurances

You can use the example photos I included below to get an idea of how to create a Travel Itinerary with all the needed information.

Airline Info, and layover route Travel Itinerary example for Istanbul Turkey, Cairo, and Alexandria Egypt.
Example of a driving & Airline Itinerary
Rental car Travel itinerary example, and Insurance info
Example of a Rental Car Itinerary
Activity, Hotel, and Destination Travel Itinerary Example.
Example of a Hotel & Destination Itinerary
Travel Itinerary emergency contact, and embassy details, as well as Travel Insurance example.
Example of a Emergency contact & Travelers Insurance Itinerary

A Travel Itinerary is also useful for your close friends & family members. If you’re going to be off the grid in a remote location, send your family a copy. Just on the off chance something happens & you need help. They can give the authorities, or a search party a general location of where you may have been last.

It’s also a great tool to assist you in creating fun filled activities along the way. You don’t have to stick to an itinerary like it’s a schedule. Because half the fun of a trip is discovery of a new location.

It does however give you a better chance at getting assistance, or knowing how to get assistance should you ever need it during a journey. It can be useful to help keep track of all of your trip info in one place. Should your phone break, or the battery die along the way, your still prepared.

You can use the photos above, as an example on how to create your own Travel Itinerary. The photos are from a previous trip I took to Egypt. It’s extremely helpful to be prepared, knowing what you will be doing, & where you will be going.


It’s also smart to take a photo of your driver’s license, & passport to send to your own personal email address. That way in the off chance you lose it for any reason, for example: you flip your Kayak in deep water losing your belongings & I.D. you can still prove who you are.

Kayaking the Pacific Ocean to Isla Chora from Samara Beach Costa Rica.
Kayaking to Isla Chora, after snorkeling off the coast of Samara Beach, Costa Rica… If you would like to read this Full Adventure: JUST CLICK HERE

You can log into any computer, access your email with your password & retrieve a copy of your Passport, Drivers license, & trip Itinerary. This can help aid in the process of getting you a replacement passport from the nearest U.S. Embassy in your country.


For extra safety during your Travels. Remember to keep your family & friends posted of your daily activities. Set a time to call them, or text them everyday. If your going to be in a location with service, or internet.

Now that you know how to create an itinerary for a trip. Put it to the test & experience a new culture, explore a new city. Stay safe & have fun!

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