All Aboard One of the Largest Cruise Ships on The Planet!

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We made an epic 900 mile road trip just to board this cruise ship of mind blowing proportions. You can see some of our cool road trip photos, and Day 1 boarding adventures by clicking RIGHT HERE!!!

The first 3 days of our journey aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas was spent at sea. Cruising south, deeper into the warm Tropical waters of the Caribbean.

Breakfast bacon and eggs
The next day we got our day started with the room service delivery breakfast. Easily the best decision to escape the hustle, and bustle of the morning breakfast traffic at the cafeteria.

Having 18 Decks of entertainment to explore, we spent most of our days at sea exploring the Symphony of the Seas. Watching shows, and entertaining ourselves with the numerous games onboard.

The performers training for one of the night shows around lunch time onboard the ship.

Exercising Your Sea Legs!

One of our favorite things to do was walk the track located on the 5th Deck onboard Symphony of the Seas. During the day it offered stellar views of the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. No matter the time you chose to walk, or jog, you always had the peaceful sound of the waves breaking around the ship.

Exercise Track Distance
Picture of the sign located on the exercise track located on the 5th Deck of Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. Giving you information on how many laps you need to do to get your mileage in for the day.
Video of the exercise track on the 5th Deck.
Video of some of the amazing views offered from the 5th deck. Just look at that beautiful Caribbean Sea water 😍
Model Ship
Here’s a 1:200 scale model of the Symphony of the Seas that was presented to Royal Caribbean when they received the ship.

A Little Fine Dining

After a day out exploring the ship, exercising, and watching performances it was time to head back to our state room to get ready for dinner.

Man checking time
Photo from our stateroom balcony. I’m making sure we weren’t late for our 5:30p.m dinner. 😂 That’s serious business!… Also rocking my Ecuadorian Jipijapa. Want to know more about my Ecuadorian Jipijapa? Just check out our Adventures in Ecuador Here
Lady in dress
My partner dazzling, and striking a pose on the stateroom balcony before dinner.

After dinner we headed to one of my favorite places onboard the whole cruise ship. Level 8, Central Park. To walk the track, and listen to live music being played as we stroll around the park.

Central Park
Video as we take a casual stroll through Central Park located outside, in an open air environment on Deck 8 of Symphony of the Seas.
Lady in purple dress in Park on Ship
Yep, that’s correct. Your eyes aren’t fooling you, those are Trees 🌲 growing on a ship. There are around 21,000 live plants and trees growing in Central Park onboard Symphony of the Seas.

Finishing our casual after diner stroll, we headed back to our stateroom to get ready for a live Jazz band at the ships Jazz Hall a little later.

Couple in mirror outside of club
… but not before we stopped for a selfie 🤳🏽… I mean after all, we cleaned up quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

My partner was quite amused with the various assortment of towel animals our Cabin Staff, and cleaning crew folded in our room when they cleaned. Usually they came and cleaned our room during dinner time.

Folded Armadillo Towel Animal holding TV Remote
On this particular night, they folded us a little Towel Armadillo, although this is open to interpretation… If you have a different idea on what animal this is, comment below 👇🏽 and be sure to let us know what you think it is!

Jazz and Relax

The ship is loaded with activities, with something to do for just about everyone. The route we took to the Jazz Hall took us right through the ships Casino.

Royal Caribbean Casino
The ships Casino 🎰, just in case your feeling lucky 🍀

After our 2nd day at Sea, we couldn’t think of any better way to relax and unwind, then ending the night with live Jazz.

Just a sample of some of the live Jazz we were able to experience. This particular Jazz Group was from the beautiful country of Argentina 🇦🇷

After leaving the Jazz Hall on our way back to the room for the night. We stopped to check out a new high tech bar called the “Bionic Bar”. It’s completely staffed by a pair of Dual 6-Axis Robot Arms, that handle the preparation, and mixing of all drinks ordered.

Check out the Future of bartending technology! You place your order on a touch screen tablet, and chose all the options you want for your drink, rather you want it on the rocks, or not, shaken, or stirred, and preferred garnishing. Then the robot waiter gives you a time until your drink is ready, as it makes the drinks in the order it receives them.

Day 3 at Sea: Sailing the Caribbean

The next day, we kept our schedule busy with more ship activities as we neared our 1st Port of Call in the Caribbean.

Central Park Royal Caribbean
Of course we headed back to my favorite area, Central Park for another morning stroll around the park. I really never got tired of visiting this place!

For lunch that day we visited one of the 22 restaurants located onboard Symphony of the Seas.

Playmakers Restaurant
Having lunch at Playmakers with Wings, and Nachos, and Onion Rings for an appetizer.

After lunch we headed to the exercise track again on Deck five, to enjoy some fresh air, and beautiful views as we sailed across the Caribbean.

Video from the stern, or aft of the ship in the seating area located at the rear of the exercise track. Check out that view! 👀

Later that evening we headed back to our designated table in the dining room, on level 5. Where we were entertained with some fine dining once again.

Finally we ended our final full day at sea with some entertainment, and an Ice Skating show. It was quite the spectacle, most definitely worth attending.

A short clip from the Ice Skating show onboard Symphony of the Seas. Just look at the skill, and costumes of the performers. Quite amazing!

Land Ho!!!

After 3 fun filled days at sea, we finally reached our first Port of Call on the forth day of our nautical journey.

First day back on land! Want to know where we are, and what we get ourselves into next? Just check back to see the next adventures with The Roving Gypsy!

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