See The Largest Cast Iron Statue in The World!

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Vulcan Statue of Birmingham Alabama at sunset.

The Vulcan statue of Birmingham Alabama, which sits atop Red Mountain. Is the largest Cast Iron Statue in the world. Vulcan is 56’ feet tall, and stands atop a 126’ foot tall tower, for a combined height of 182’ feet!

This monumental sculpture of iron, coming in at 120,000 pounds in weight! Was created by the famous Italian artist Giuseppe Moretti in 1904.

Giuseppe Moretti
Italian artist Giuseppe Moretti with a small Vulcan figurine.

Award Winning Sculpture!

Vulcan was made to represent the city of Birmingham as an entry into the St. Louis 1904 World Fair Exposition, in Celebration of the 100 year Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.

The World Fair Louisiana Purchase Exposition lasted from April 30th, to November 30th in 1904.

World Fair
Advertising poster for the 1904 World Fair held in St. Louis Missouri. This poster was painted by the famous Czech painter Alphonse Mucha

With over 20 million people, from 60 different countries submitting entries into the World Fair. The Vulcan sculpture won a Grand Prize at the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy at the World Fair.

Check out what the St. Louis World Fair Grand Prize medals looked like below:

Another unique thing about Vulcan, is that the Iron used to create him was all locally sourced from the greater Birmingham Alabama area. Where the iron was originally mined, forged, and cast.

Who is Vulcan?

Vulcan Pedestal
Vulcan as he stands atop his 126’ foot tall pedestal.

The statue represents the Roman god Vulcan, the god of Fire and Forge. He also has a Greek equivalent known as Hephaestus, the god of Blacksmith, Fire, and Metallurgy.

Vulcan was the son of Jupiter, and Juno in Roman Mythology, or Zeus and Hera in Greek Mythology. Vulcan’s wife is another well known goddess in ancient mythology, Venus to the Romans, and Aphrodite to the Greeks.

Vulcan was most known for his role in hand crafting the most powerful weapons in mythology, the lightning bolts of Zeus. His forges were said to be under Mt. Etna in Sicily. A modern day 11,014’ feet high stratovolcano.

These legends are why he was considered a fitting figure for the Magic City, representing the vast mineral deposits, and metal working capabilities of Birmingham Alabama.

Which is also known by it’s nicknames the Steel City, or Pittsburgh of the South in honor of it’s vast iron riches from it’s industrial age.

Mediterranean Cuisine for Two

Couple at Dinner
Hitting up one of our favorite Greek Restaurants, that unfortunately has closed down.
Greek Cuisine
Grilled Greek Chicken, and Vegetables sandwich, Greek Street Corn, Chicken Kabobs, seasoned fries, and Greek Tzatziki Sauce.

This lovely little restaurant in the Inverness area was one of our personal favorites. Unfortunately it’s closed down, but here are a few more Greek, and Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurants we favorite in the area:

Plan Your Visit

If you found this article interesting, and would like to plan your own visit to see the largest Cast Iron Statue in the world, and see the Birmingham area from its 360° viewing platform JUST CLICK HERE!

Roving Gypsy Vulcan
Sunset selfie of us, The Roving Gypsy as we visited the Vulcan.

The Roving Gypsy®️

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