Visiting Noccalula Falls, and The Legendary Tale of Noccalula

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Noccalula Falls at night
Noccalula Falls Park has lights around the waterfall, so that it’s beauty can even be enjoyed at night.

Noccalula Falls, is a cascading waterfall in Gadsden, Alabama feed by the waters of Black Creek. The waterfall is named after the Legendary, and beautiful Cherokee Indian maiden known as Noccalula.

Black Creek in Gadsden Alabama
My partner as she poses with the Black Creek as the waters rush towards the cliffs edge at Noccalula Falls in the background.

This legendary story starts when the Cherokee Indians were ran off their native lands by early European settlers. During the Cherokee’s search for a new place to settle. They ended up in territory battles with another Tribe known as the Creek Indians. Who used what they knew as “Black Creek Falls” as a trading post, and ceremonial ground.

To create peace between the two battling tribes, Noccalula was promised by her father a Cherokee Indian Chief (It’s speculated her father was Chief Little Turkey. Born 1758, Died 1801) To be given in marriage to an Creek Indian Sun-Chief, and warrior.

Statue of Noccalula
The statue of Noccalula seen here at sunset. Is a 9’ foot tall, 3000 pound statue of bronze. It cost $25,000 to complete, and was sculpted by the artist Suzanne Silvercruys.

A Tale of a Indian Maiden‘s Broken Heart

Legend has it, that Noccalula was already deeply in love with a Brave from her own Tribe, and after her appeals to her father not to follow through with the arranged marriage fell on deaf ears.

On the day of her marriage ceremony, it’s said that a celebratory feast was held in her honor. During which she was arrayed in festive wedding robes. With her heart heavy, and longing for her true love.

Video of Noccalula Falls being fed by Black Creek, as it plunged into the Black Creek Gorge 90’ feet below

It’s said she couldn’t fathom the idea of marrying the Creek Warrior, and a entering a loveless marriage. The story says she quietly walked out of the celebration, and over to the edge of the Falls. Before she jumped off the 90’ foot Tall waterfall to the Rocks, and the rushing waters below in Black Creek Gorge.

After Noccalula’s death. Her father Chief Little Turkey was heartbroken. It’s said that in her honor, he renamed the waterfall after his daughter. A tradition that both tribes honored. From that point on, Black Creek Falls, forevermore became known as Noccalula Falls.

The Legend of Noccalula
If you would like to read the actual account of The Legend of Noccalula, here is the bronze memorial plate. Located beside her statue at the waterfalls edge.

There are old inscriptions left inscribed into the rocks around Noccalula Falls. Left by the Indians of old, confirming this legendary tale in history actually happened, and was a true event that unfolded at this very location.

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Couple Photos at Noccalula Falls
My partner, and I as we took a selfie with the cascading waters of Noccalula Falls

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