Visit South Padre Island: Discover The Sea Turtle Art Trail

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Waters of the Gulf of Mexico from the shores of South Padre Island

South Padre Island is known the world over for its famous Sea Turtle Rescue on the island, Sea Turtle Inc. This Sea Turtle Center is known for its mission to rescue, & rehabilitate sick & injured sea turtles.

They help preserve some of the most endangered sea turtles. Such as the endangered Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle, also known as the Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle.


The Sea turtle Art trail is a collection of 10 different Turtle Sculptures, located at different points around the island. All of the Sea Turtle sculptures are hand painted, & created by different local artists from South Padre Island.

To help bring awareness to the protection of the Sea Turtles. Sea Turtle Inc., the Artists, & City of South Padre Island all teamed up to design the Sea Turtle Arts Trail. Available for all the world to enjoy, & discover.

There are Maps with a marked location of each individual Sea Turtle. They are available at the South Padre Island Visitors Center, or you can scroll to the bottom to see the Full Map on this Post (Excluding Liberty, who’s not on the map yet), or Click the included Location Link after each Turtles Bio.

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Once you’ve collected a photo with the Sea Turtles on the Art Trail, be sure to share your experience on Social Media using the Hashtag #Spiturtletrail.

Without further ado, here’s the current 10 Sea Turtles on the South Padre Island Sea Turtles Art Trail, & their locations:

1. Tank

Meet Tank the Sea Turtle
Tank’s Information Plate

To Read Tank’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Tank is the biggest & largest sea turtle on the sea turtle arts trail. Coming in at 33 feet tall & 20 foot wide. Tank is located on the outside of a new beach souvenir, & sports rental shop called Turtle Island Beachwear.

Click here for Tank’s Exact Location

2. Indigo

Meet Indigo the Sea Turtle
Indigo’s Information Plate

To Read Indigo’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Indigo is located inside of the South Padre Island Visitors Center. Indigo was painted by artist Christina Salazar.

Click here for Indigo’s Exact Location

3. Lucy

Meet Lucy the Sea Turtle
Lucy’s Information Plate

To Read Lucy’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Lucy is the 3rd largest Sea Turtle currently on the sea turtle art trail, & the largest Mesquite wood turtle in the world. Coming in just under 8 feet long, & 6 feet wide. Lucy weighs 400 pounds. Lucy was created by artist Andy Hancock.

Click here for Lucy’s Exact Location

4. Rosie

Meet Rosie the Sea Turtle
Rosie’s Information Plate

To Read Rosie’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Rosie is located directly in front of the South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce. She was painted by the artist Cecilia Garza.

Click Here for Rosie’s Exact Location

5. Miracle

Meet Miracle the Sea Turtle
Miracle’s Information Plate

To Read Miracle’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Miracle is located directly in front of the Art Business Incubator Center of South Padre Island. Miracle was created by the artist Sandy Margret.

Click here for Miracle’s Exact Location

6. Crush

Meet Crush the Sea Turtle
Crush’s Information Plate

To Read Crush’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Crush is located outside of the South Padre Island Community Center. Crush was painted by the artist Chelsea Fedigan.

Click here to see Crush’s exact Location

7. Luna

Meet Luna the Sea Turtle
Luna’s Information Plate

To Read Luna’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Luna is located outside on the sidewalk of the South Padre Island Convention Centre. She was painted by the artist Ariel King.

Click here to see Luna’s Exact Location

8. Coral

Meet Coral the Sea Turtle
Coral’s Information Plate

To Read Coral’s QR Code Info, Click Here

Coral is located at Sea Turtle Inc. Outside the 2nd building at the far back end of the parking lot. However Coral is behind a gate that is locked when the business is close, which is 4p.m off season, & 5p.m. summer season. Coral was painted by the artist Beth Fedigan.

Click here for Coral’s Exact Location

9. Isla

Meet Isla the Sea Turtle, also known as the Beach Park Turtle
Isla’s Information Plate

For More Info on the Beach Park Sea Turtle, Click Here

To Read Isla’s QR Code Info, Click Here

This is one of the more difficult Sea Turtles on the trail to gain access to. The Beach Park Turtle is located just inside the entrance of a local Waterpark, the Beach Park at Isla Blanca.

The water park is currently closed due to Covid-19 safety. It is currently scheduled to reopen sometime later this year in 2021. Until the Waterpark reopens you can currently only see the Beach Park Sea Turtle Monday through Friday 8a.m. – 5p.m.

The Beach Park Sea Turtle is the 2nd Largest Sea Turtle on the trail. Isla The Sea Turtle is 11 feet tall. She is located on the side of a roof support pillar, of a building at the entrance of Beach Park at Isla Blanca Waterpark.

The Beach Park Sea Turtle was painted by a Mother, & Daughter duo of artists Beth, & Chelsea Fedigan.

Click here for the Beach Park Turtles Exact Location

10. Liberty

Meet Liberty the Sea Turtle
Liberty’s Information Plate

For more Information On Liberty, Click Here *

To Read Liberty’s QR Code Info, Click Here

This last Sea Turtle is the newest addition to the Sea Turtle Art Trail, its currently not on the visitors center map yet. Liberty is located in a Hotel known as the Beach Resort by Holiday Inn.

There are no signs up outside yet currently. The hotel is open though. Also the reception desk in the main lobby is open.

You just stop in, & tell them you want to see Liberty on the Sea Turtle Arts Trail, & they’ll point you in her Direction. Which is outside, just past the pool area. Liberty was painted by the artist Christina Salazar.

Click here for Liberty’s Exact Location


A complete map of the Sea Turtles location, with the exception of Liberty.

Next time your looking for a fun activity to do with the kids, or if you just want to see the Turtle Art yourself. Remember to Visit the beautiful South Padre Island, & hunt down all the Sea Turtles on the Art Trail.

My partner was determined to see each & everyone of them, & she succeeded in doing so by renting a bicycle on the island & riding to each Sea Turtle. You can scan the information plate at each Sea Turtle with your cell phones camera, & find out even more details, & fun facts about each Sea Turtle.

To see the artists behind the design of each Sea Turtle. Click the QR Link under each photo, or visit for more information.

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