A weekend in Atlanta Georgia. With Egyptian Cuisine, and a Visit to the Aquarium.

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My partner posing for a little impromptu Razzle Dazzle photo shoot as she walks back to the table at the Pharaoh’s Palace.

As we looked for ways to spend the 4th of July holiday weekend. Atlanta came to my attention for a dish I’d been chasing down every since we first encountered it in Cairo Egypt. The elusive Egyptian Cuisine known as Koshari.

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Taste of Egypt

Koshari (also spelled Koshary, and Kushari) is the National Dish of Egypt. If you would like your very own delicious Koshari Recipe to try at home CLICK HERE.

This is a photo of the actual Koshari Dish that started our epic search to find this amazing food in the U.S after returning from our trip to Cairo Egypt. This is from a Middle Eastern, Egyptian Cuisine Restaurant called Koshary Hekaya. Located right on the edge of the Giza Plateau.

Upon returning to the U.S we searched restaurants all around our area for this dish. There aren’t many Middle Eastern Cuisine style restaurants in our surrounding area. With the few that we do have specializing mainly in Gyros, Shawarma, Falafel, and Kebabs. Not a single Koshari dish to be found on the menu.

With the help of one of my fellow coworkers. I was aided in tracking down a few restaurants that sell this amazing taste of Egypt in our vicinity. Keep in mind, with a love of travel. I’m always looking for an excuse to hit the road, so I consider anything obtainable with a 12 hour road trip, or less. As being a “reasonable” distance away to swing by for a visit 🤣.

4 Koshari Restaurants found in the Southeastern United States

Here’s my list of 4 Koshari restaurants found within a 12 hour drive of the greater Birmingham AL area. From closest to farthest from the city of Birmingham:

Hitting the road for Pharaohs Palace in Johns Creek, Georgia. We were on our way to have a delicious flashback of our favorite culinary dish from Cairo Egypt! Using the OpenTable app we booked our reservation in advance for 8p.m.

The restaurant doesn’t specifically state a dress code, but after checking many reviews, and photos. Most people who show up at Pharaohs Palace wear Casual, to Business Casual attire.

The Gypsy’s are Here!

That’s right, The Roving Gypsy’s clean up pretty nice 😘… My partner, and I as we pose for a selfie with the Pharaohs Palace sign from the parking lot… Just in case you were wondering about my hat, it’s a handmade Ecuadorian Jipijapa. Check out our South American adventure where I obtained it RIGHT HERE!

After receiving a warm welcome from the staff upon arrival. We were eager to try this place out, and see if it was worth the hype.

Video of my partner after we just arrived, as we waited for drinks.
The decor in Pharaohs Palace will transport you back to the time when Egypt was the dominant ruling nation in the world. Even the bathroom doors are wrapped in a wrap that reminds you of the Hieroglyphs found in the Royal tombs in the Valley of The Kings. The hallway itself is covered in a Mural of the Giza Plateau with the Sphinx rising above the Sahara Desert sands.

Drinks Anyone?

Dinner is Served!

Want to try this amazing Middle Eastern cuisine out yourself, but curious about the price? Here’s a photo of our receipt so you have an idea of what to expect price wise for your group.

With the included tip plus food, your average is around $65 per person for an experience you’ll never forget! They gave us so much food, we couldn’t eat it all in one setting, and had to take the rest to go.

A Place To Stay In Atlanta

My partner, and I decided to stay at the Ritz – Carlton in downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street… A photo of us as we take a selfie with the Ritz sign at the main entrance from the Valet Parking area.
Check out this video tour of our room at the Ritz – Carlton
A cross the room photo from inside the Ritz – Carlton. As my partner strikes a pose in the background of King Room.
The Roving Gypsy taking a little time out to utilize the in-room mirror for an Atlanta Selfie. Whiles still wearing my handmade Ecuadorian Jipijapa Hat.

The window from our room at the Ritz – Carlton offered excellent city views from downtown Atlanta. We had a corner view room which was equipped with a panoramic window offering up some staggering downtown views.

Check Out That City View

Looking down Peachtree Street at the Ellis Street intersection.
Looking down at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint, and the Southern Exchange Ballrooms on Peachtree Street.

More from Inside the Room

My personal favorite was the in-room Coffee, and Tea setup provided for your convenience. Which I graciously utilized the next morning.
Video of the In-Room Nespresso brand Expresso Machine doing it’s thing. You can buy your very own online from Amazon, Right Here.
With Coffee made, we ordered breakfast delivery in-room from a local Brunch Restaurant. My partner ordered a Bacon Breakfast Patty Melt, with a Fruit Cup, and I ordered a Gene’s Denver Omelette with Seasoned Potatoes, and Whole Wheat Toast, with a Fruit Cup

Next Stop Georgia Aquarium!

Walking by the Jellyfish aquarium as we enter the Aquatic Zoo.

Our next stop was definitely interesting, being one of the largest aquariums in the world. The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere.

My partner and I as we take a selfie in front of the Shark Tank 🦈.
Video of the Hammerhead Sharks as they swim by patrolling the tank like sentinels of the deep.
Fun Fact: a group of Sharks is called a Shiver, or Frenzy of Sharks.
Video of the Dogs of the Sea, or Sea Lions in action!

Under Sea Aliens!

Looking like some sort of creepy crawlers from another world. These Japanese Spider Crabs are the largest of all Arthropods in the world!

(Arthropod – means invertebrates animals with, exoskeletons, segmented bodies, and jointed appendages. Including insects, spiders, and Shrimp.)
Video of the Japanese Spider Crabs, which can obtain a leg span of up to 13 feet, and live up to 100 years.
Video of Sea Otters staying active as they enjoy a swim.

Big Fish in the Sea!

Video of the Beluga Whales, from the cold waters of the Arctic North. As they scratch their backs on the aquarium glass.
Photo as we entered the huge aquarium tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium. Which has a moving sidewalk to slowly transport you through the tunnel as you observe the fish.
Video from inside the Aquarium Tunnel as a huge Manta Ray, Bowmouth Guitarfish, and the largest fish species on the planet swam overhead. A pair of massive Whale Sharks!
A photo of a large Whale Shark as it does a swim by.

Down In The Bayou

Video of my partner as she crosses the rope suspension bridge at the aquarium.

After a weekend in Atlanta filled with fun, it was at last time to call it an end. It definitely became one of the more interesting adventures I’ve had in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oh, and remember that Koshari I mentioned at the start of the Blog? Well I had both plates in the mini fridge in our hotel room so we could bring them back with us. I planned on having mine for lunch at work later that night.

Yeah, unfortunately I forgot both plates in the hotel after checkout. We tried calling back once I realized what I had done, but room service had already cleaned the room. I guess I have an excuse to make another trip back to Pharaohs Palace to get more Koshari now. Only this time I’ll be sure I have it with me when I leave!

The Roving Gypsy

Thanks for reading my Travel Blog. I hope you enjoyed our 4th of July holiday adventures in Atlanta Georgia as much as we did. Like what you read, and want more, or have a suggestion for me? Follow, Share, and Comment to let me know.

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