Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A Road Trip across the West.

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Looking at Sioux Falls, the namesake of the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Fed by the Big Sioux River, during a visit to Falls Park. Facing the ruins of the old Queen Bee Wheat Mill

A Brief History Of The City

Sioux Falls is the biggest city located in the state of South Dakota. With a population of over 200,000 people it’s loaded with activities, and opportunities for those seeking an urban adventure in the sprawling northern city.

The waterfalls at Falls Park were created many years ago, when South Dakota was still covered in glacial ice. The Glaciers ice melt forced the river to move to its current location today.

Sioux Falls has been continuously inhabited since well before 500 B.C. by Natives Tribes. By the 1700’s Sioux Falls was a well established meeting spot for fur trade.

The namesake of the city, Sioux Falls was even visited by the famous Cartographers Louis and Clark in the early 1800’s as they mapped the newly acquired land during the Louisiana Purchase. There expedition was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson.

The welcome to South Dakota sign as I pulled into the state on my 4100 mile road trip. I entered on U.S. 77 North from Omaha Nebraska, into Sioux City, Iowa… (Not to be mistaken for Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

The rise of the Railroad started the population boom of the 1880’s that started Sioux Falls on the track to becoming the sprawling city it is today… (no pun intended 😉).

A Rest Stop In Sioux Falls

During my 4100 mile road trip, with somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 hours of driving this particular day. I was good and ready for a break.

After stopping at a truck stop in Percival, Iowa (Pilot Travel Center) for gas, I booked a hotel room quickly for the night using Expedia.

The hotel I chose for the night was the AmericInn by Wyndham Sioux Falls North. This left me about a 3 hour drive to the hotel from where I booked in Percival Iowa.

A sight for sore eyes 👀, after 10 + hours on the road. I was thrilled to pull into the parking lot of the AmericInn for the night… (ignore my blurry photo due to Road Trip street grime on my windshield)

The hotel rooms are quite nicely decorated, the beds are extremely comfortable, and the rooms are kept very clean.

A peek inside the room I stayed in at the AmericInn. Most importantly though, scope out that in room coffee maker in the bottom left hand corner of the photo 😂.
A peek inside the Clean AmericInn in-room bathrooms, stocked with basic toiletries

After Check-In, and lugging my luggage into the room, and getting situated for the night. I was able to go back down to the main lobby, for a little taste of the local delights.

Photo as I tried one of local, brews on tap at the lobby bar, as I watched ESPN. When traveling, you can’t just stick with what you know. You have to try something new, for me it’s the local brew. This particular brew is the Buffalo Ridge Brewing “Amber”

Each of the AmericInn hotel room bookings come with a complimentary breakfast. The next morning I headed down to see what was on the menu.

Yep, that’s a breakfast during the Covid-19 outbreak. I bet you couldn’t tell by the mask (Photo Top Right). With Waffles, and cheese Omelette’s on the menu, this was the fuel you needed to get your day started right
… Oh, and most importantly they had “COFFEE” Morning Coffee = Happy Me

After breakfast, and drinking coffee until my heart was content (or beating like a drumroll 🥁, whichever came first 🤣). I was off to visit Falls Park.

Being late November, they had Falls Park decorated with Christmas Lights. They had signs up at the Park Entrance with a radio station you could tune into, and listen to as you watched the lights.

The park has a beautiful walking track with trackside lamp posts, and takes you along a meandering path alongside the Big Sioux River.

A photo along a part of the track as I approached the Sioux Falls observation deck
Sioux Falls is a Step Waterfall. With over 7000 gallons of water a second, falling in a series of consecutive steps over the course of a 100’ foot drop. This photo shows a better view of the small, side run off waterfall of Sioux Falls (Photo Right Center)

After a walk around Falls Park, and viewing the namesake waterfall of the city. It was time to put Sioux Falls, in my rearview as I headed on to my next destination in South Dakota. Next stop Mt. Rushmore!

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