Upper Caney Creek Falls

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Upper Caney Creek Falls. Is located in the William B. Bankhead National Forest in Double Springs, Alabama. It’s beauty is worth the approximately 1 mile hike 1-way to see it.

This waterfall is feed by the waters of Caney Creek. It’s an excellent nature hike, but be careful of the step terrain as you near the Waterfall.

It’s also a nice place to take a dip in the cool, and refreshing water of Caney Creek in the summer months. The Water is clear enough that you can see the bottom from all points of the waterfall pool.

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Alabama National Forest

This beautiful waterfall is part of the beautiful adjoining William B. Bankhead National Forest. Which was first declared a National Forest in 1918. It was officially named the William B. Bankhead Forest in 1942, which it is still currently named to this very day.

The State Highway 33 offers a 10 mile stretch of road through the heart of the Bankhead Forest, which offers some of the twistiest curves in the state.

Located in between the cities of Double Springs, and Moulton. It’s an area highly favored by motorcyclist. Just about any day of the year. Bikers can be seen testing their 2-wheel metal machines out on this 10 mile stretch of switch backs. Remember to ride safe!

William B. Bankhead National Forest also offers some beautiful, and scenic Alabama Camping locations. Like the Clear Creek Campground which also has electrical, and water hookups.

Some of the best hiking trails in the state of Alabama, are also located in the William B. Bankhead National Forest. Which also includes other waterfalls equally as beautiful as the Caney Creek Waterfall. To view a list of these hiking trails: Click Here

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