Christmas Lights At The Park

My partner & I on the Christmas Tree Trail


Looking for a quick & fun family outing, something the children will enjoy, a good time without having to drive to far, or a romantic date night for two? Come & walk through a Christmas Wonderland on the River. If you’re a local, or a student of the University of Alabama (insert Roll Tide here 👈🏽), even if your just a visitor passing through the College town of Tuscaloosa Alabama. You should visit the Riverwalk at night, & experience the dazzling display of Christmas Trees in a Holiday Wonderland provided courtesy of the local businesses.


Stay Warm with your Joyful Java Hot Cocoa

It’s winter time (yes, even in the South), so wear your long britches, & good stepping boots. Come out & see the Christmas Trees of the South. It’s a scenic paved trail, running along the Black Warrior River, for about a 1/2 mile of track, Christmas Trees line both sides in 2 separate sections of the trail. There will be a local vendor parked on the Riverwalk to provide you with a hot cup of coffee, or hot cocoa so you can stay warm & toasty as you wander through what can only be described as Candy Land at the Park. Thanks, Joyful Java!


Walk a Forest of Christmas Trees

Each & every Christmas Tree is decorated, & made by a local business. You can see what each business specializes in, by observing what materials they used to decorate their tree.

The Marvel & DC Comics Tree, by Warrior Pest Control.

Maybe you’re a Captain America, or Comic-Con fan. It could be that you just really love the Star Wars franchise. Well guess what, there’s a tree for y’all too!

Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) Tree practicing his Social Distancing
Feel “the Force” at the Darth Vader & Yoda Tree. Complete with Death Star & R2-D2 ornaments.

There’s a tree themed for everyone, no matter your likes. Maybe you’re a dog lover, or have a small child who loves puppies. Don’t worry, there’s a tree for that too!

Here’s a Good Boy, who was clearly attacked by a Christmas Tree 🙂

Maybe you have a young child, who loves to watch Sesame Street. You know the one kid who knows all the songs by heart. Well fortunately for you, they have trees for that kid too!

Oscar the Grouch Tree, by Cadence Bank

Maybe you think you don’t have any particular likes. You tell all your friends the only thing you want to do is get home from work, kick back & relax. Maybe have a cold one, or two. Sounds to me, like you still have a like, & believe it or not. They have a tree for you too!

The Bud Light Seltzer tree
(Grinch Tree)…or maybe this one fits you better.

Long story short, they covered everyone, & every like. There’s most definitely a tree out here, just for you. It could be that you’re a Dinosaur enthusiast, with a passion for Paleontology. Even if that’s the case, they still thought about you!

The T-Rex 🦖 Tree, decorated by the University of Alabama Museums.

There are so many trees to see. Words can’t do them justice, you’ll just have to walk this enchanted little forest of lights, & see them for yourself.

Drive until you see the glow on the horizon. Once you do, stop & walk the trail into the Christmas Tree Forest while the lights are still ablaze, & you just might see, that there’s a tree for you too!

If you missed the lights, don’t fret. Be patient, for they will return once again at the years end. Be sure to come & see them then.


If you’re feeling a little peckish after all that walking. Stop in one of the restaurants that line the Riverwalk for some nourishment. Located right in between two of those restaurants the River, & Another Broken Egg Cafe. Is the little Stonehenge of Tuscaloosa. Stop by & see it, be sure to grab a selfie for your social media account.

My partner at the Little Stonehenge


If you’re understandably, a little tired after walking the forest of Christmas Trees, & eating maybe just a little bit to much for diner. Maybe you don’t feel like driving all the way back home, & just want to relax with your significant other for the night. Well Hotel Indigo has you covered! Conveniently located right on the Riverwalk, with a bar on it’s roof called the Lookout. It provides excellent views overlooking the Black Warrior River. From it’s vantage point, you can watch the people, as they go about their daily happenings.

View of the Black Warrior River & Cocktails from the Roof of Hotel Indigo at the Lookout.


The next day after checkout, if you’re looking for a good lunch, or a really late breakfast. You should stop by PYRO’S Fire Fresh Pizza. Set up with a bountiful buffet of toppings, sauces, & meats. You can pick your own toppings, for a delicious & custom specialty fire oven cooked pizza, made just for you.

BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza (Top) & Honey It’s Hot Pizza (Bottom)

In conclusion, the Riverwalk & surrounding area have so much to offer, so if you’re looking for a local getaway, a date night with the lady, or just passing through. Don’t forget about the southern charm of the city of Tuscaloosa Alabama. Stop by a restaurant & have you a glass of Sweet Tea, & shout Roll Tide! It’ll bring a smile to any face in town.


Thanks for reading my Blog, I hope you enjoyed our adventure as much as we did. Like what you read, & want more content, or have suggestions? Like, Follow, Share, Comment, & let me know.