Pre-Trip Jitters, Planning A Visit To Honduras!

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The cover photo for the resort we are staying at in Roatán Honduras 🇭🇳

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of pre-trip jitters as you dive into the unknown. Immersing yourself into another culture, while visiting a foreign country during a vacation to Honduras.

After scouring multiple Travel Booking sites for hours each day, over the course of two weeks… To see a few of the travel booking sites I used during my trip planning. Just CLICK HERE.

I searched many destinations from all around the globe. Plotting on where I could get the most time for the amount of days my partner had off.

Which by the way, was pretty much none existent. As she took a new job recently, and currently has no accumulated time off. Adding an extra level of difficulty to my trip planning skills. How to plan a vacation, for someone with no vacation days 🤔?

Facing the challenge head on, I started searching every airlines flight itinerary. Searching various destinations from around the globe. Trying to utilize their time zone differences to gain time, as I’ve done in the past.

Where Will We Be?

Clearly by this (BHM) Airport terminal selfie, you can tell we came up with a location 😂. Keep reading to find out where in the world we wound up!

I searched destinations far, and wide. From Barbados, to Jordan, and Israel. Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Cyprus, and Crete. Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, to the Canary Islands, and Bermuda. Checking the Maldives, India, and UAE.

With no success on flights aligning with my partners itinerary. Mainly because they either left before she got off work, or returned after she was supposed to be back to work.

I reigned my search in slightly closer to home, checking Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, French Guiana and Peru. After hitting the Caribbean nations, the schedule for the flight was getting closer to working with her schedule.

Checking Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia, the Virgin Islands (British & American). Aruba, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands.

We came very close to ending up in the Bahamas, or Saint Kitts and Nevis. Especially after scoring a sweet deal to Saint Kitts. The next up on the list was Peru, and Belize. I even checked everything that moved by Sea.

Narrowing Down The Search

After searching all these different places places. Including a long list of repeat international travel spots, and domestic locations like Hawaii, and the Outter Banks.

The winner was Honduras 🇭🇳. Staying on the Island of Roatán, 40 miles off the coast of the Mainland. This beautiful tropical island is only 5 miles wide at it’s widest point, and 48 miles long.

This island is known for some of the best scuba diving, and snorkeling in the Caribbean. Having the 2nd longest coral reef system in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Which stretches over 650 miles, reaching down from the coast of Mexico, running alongside Roatán in Honduras. Being second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Getting Ready

Having a drink, and a snack as we fly from BHM Airport in Alabama, to DFW Airport in Texas. Aboard our American Airlines flight

After settling on the location, I had to settle on a Resort. As the Island of Roatán is filled with a variety of Resorts to choose from.

We settled on the Blue Bahia Resort located in Sandy Bay. I can truly tell you that we made a good call on the resort, per the time of this article being written we were still at the resort.

Picture from the blue skies above. As we took the first leg of our flight into Dallas Texas

The route we took to get there. Would take us from Birmingham AL, to Dallas TX. Where we would be laid over just long enough to make a dash through the airport. Catch the SkyLink Airport Train to our terminal.

Photo from the SkyLink Train as we rode to our American Airlines Departure Terminal at DFW

Just in enough time to snag a good deal on some overpriced Airport food. During our extremely short wait to board.

Want to spend $20 bucks in an airport? Just purchase a tiny sandwich, and some grapes. Voilà, just like magic a whole Twenty is gone!

Wheels Up!

With the staff of American Airlines letting us know in advance that we were boarding a packed flight. It seems everyone in Texas wanted to spend Memorial Day weekend in Honduras.

Photo from inside the cabin of packed American Airlines flight to Roatán Honduras

Choosing to nap most of the flight to the beautiful island of Roatán. The 3 hour flight from Texas flew by (No Pun intended).

After landing in Roatán, Honduras at RTB Juan Manuel Gálvez Airport. We made a landing right beside the water. With the runway being on the islands edge.

Photo from the window of our plane as we landed alongside the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea

After landing at the Roatán Airport. A small airport by comparison, we de-boarded the plane using mobile stairs, right onto the tarmac.

Photo of the de-boarding process in Roatán

The Wait

Once we entered the Airport to go through Honduran Customs. We saw that the line was extremely long, snaking back and forth across the airport around 14 times.

After slowly making our way across the airport, we spent the next 2 hours standing in line. Once we finally cleared customs, we collected our luggage. Then headed off for the rental car counter.

Using Sixt Rent A Car we decided to rent a pickup truck this time, instead of a car. As we had heard the roads could be rather rough on Roatán Island.

Toyota Hilux 4-Door Diesel Pickup in Roatan Honduras from Sixt Rental Cars
The 4-Door Diesel Toyota Hilux we rented. I was rather excited about renting this truck, as it’s reputation for being tough, and reliable precedes it the world over
A better view from the side of our sweet Honduran Ride! I’m not going to lie, I was just a little bit excited to be whipping this Toyota Hilix around the island

At last we were on the road in Honduras! Want to see what adventures we get ourselves into on the island during our stay? Be sure to check back later to see more of our Adventure.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next during our Adventure in Honduras!

The Roving Gypsy

Thanks for reading my Travel Blog. I hope you enjoyed this global transit as we head for Honduras, and enjoyed this little adventure as much as we did. Like what you read, and want more, or have a suggestion for me? Follow, Share, and Comment to let me know.

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