Exotic Sand Colors. Where To Find Them: Top 7 Most Exotic Beaches

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There are many different Sand colors to be found around the world. This post will help you narrow down your next sandy shores getaway in an exotic locale. Maybe you need a place for some epic contrasting photography, or that perfect wedding day cover photo to cherish forever.

Here’s my list of the 7 most Exotic Beaches around the world, & where to find them.


Brown Sand at Zacharo Beach, in Greece.
(Brown Sand) Zacharo Beach

All of us have seen the traditional brown, or tan colored sand beaches. It’s probably the most common, & the one we all know so well. One of my personal favorite beaches for brown sand is Zacharo Beach.

My partner & I first stopped at Zacharo Beach on a return road trip. While driving back from a day tour exploring Archaia Olympia, in Greece.

Zacharo Beach is a beautiful brown sand beach. It’s located on the western coast of Greece, on the Peloponnese Peninsula, on the beautiful waters of the Ionian Sea.


Green Sand at Papakolea Beach on the Hawaii Big Island.
(Green Sand) Papakolea Beach

Papakolea Beach being a green sand beach is an extremely rare sand color. Being one of only four green sand beaches in the entire world. This beach gets its distinct color from water erosion of a volcanic mineral called Olivine.

Papakolea, or the Green Beach is located on the Big Island (Hawaii Island) of the U.S. state of Hawaii. It is on the Bay of Mahana, in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Black Sand at Taharuu Beach on Tahiti in French Polynesia
(Black Sand) Taharuu Beach

This next color (Black Sand) takes us even deeper into the Pacific Ocean, over 2000 miles South of the islands of Hawaii. Into what is arguably some of the most beautiful, & pristine waters on the globe. These are the waters of the South Pacific.

Taharuu Beach takes us into the Country of islands, French Polynesia. French Polynesia is collectively made up of 118 islands & atolls. The black sand color of Taharuu Beach is caused by water erosion of volcanic deposits of basalt.

Taharuu Beach is located on the Island of Tahiti, in the commune of Paparã. In the South Pacific Ocean island chain of French Polynesia.


White Sand at Clearwater Beach in Florida.
(White Sand) Clearwater Beach

This next color (White Sand), is probably one of the most sought after of all the sand colors out there. One of the whitest sand beaches I’ve personally ever visited is Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach is located on a Barrier Island, off of the West coast of Florida in the U.S. In the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The pure white sand is created in a process in which the waves, finely grind down Quartz Crystal. The Quartz is so pure, it lacks any contaminants. Causing it to have its brilliant white sheen.


Orange, or Gold Sand at Ramla il-Hamra Beach on the island of Gozo in the Mediterranean Island Country of Malta.
(Orange/Gold Sand) Ramla il-Hamra Beach

For the sake of this article, we will refer to the sands of Ramla il-Hamra Beach as Orange. Depending on the angle, water saturation, & the lighting of the sand at your particular time of viewing. This beach can appear, Orange, Gold, or Reddish in color.

Ramla il-Hamra Beach is located on the island of Gozo, in the island Country of Malta. In the Bay of Ramla, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Orange color is caused by the sands high iron content.


Red Sand at Red Beach on the island of Rabida in the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador.
(Red Sand) Red Beach

This color brings us back into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, yet again for another sand color. With its red sands, Red Beach is a famous tourist stop.

Red Beach is located in the Galápagos Island chain. It’s on the Island of Rabida, in the Country of Ecuador. It gets it’s red color from sand rich in iron. When the iron comes into contact with oxygen, it forms into what we know as rust. Iron Oxide is the rust that gives the sand it’s famous red color.

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Pink Sand at Rosewood Beach on the Atlantic Island country of Bermuda.
(Pink Sand) Rosewood Beach

The final color listed here is pink sand. Rosewood Beach, is the largest privately owned pink sand beach on the island of Bermuda. Owned by The Beach Club at Rosewood Bermuda. The stunning pink colored sand of Rosewood Beach, is caused by the red shells of tiny single cell organisms called Foraminifera.

When they die, their red shells mix with the finely ground white coral, & seashell bits on the sea floor. Which are then washed ashore as pink sand, forming the beautiful beaches of the Southern shores of Bermuda. One of the more popular public pink sand beaches being Horseshoe Bay Beach. I first found out about these shores of pink sand through a souvenir given to me, from a friend who lives in Bermuda.

Rosewood Beach is located in the British Overseas Territory on the Island of Bermuda. In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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